"Open for Summer Vaccine Lottery" outlined by Premier


Alberta reported fewer than 200 new cases of COVID-19 for a fifth straight day Monday, but demand for first doses of vaccine continues to wane.

It is that group of people who can put the province over the 70 per cent benchmark and move the province to Stage 3 of Open for Summer.

The "Open for Summer Lottery" is being implemented to encourage more Albertans to get vaccinated. "We just have to get every single person we can".

"This lottery will help us cross that 70 per cent threshold so we can reopen and stay open", Kenney said in a media release Sunday announcing Monday's media event.

"There always will be some who will never get a vaccine of any kind".

"We just need one final push so we can lift them all and get back to normal", continued Kenney.

Health Minister Tyler Shandro said the lottery will pay for itself by clamping down on case rates.

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Last week Timothy Caulfield, who is research chair in health law and policy at the University of Alberta stated that an incentive lotto program like this one might prove to be helpful for the vaccination process.

Alberta's government makes a step forward in its vaccination process as the province is hopeful to see more locals get a shot.

Albertans must register once at Alberta.ca/lottery to be entered into the three draws. Though, just 3,537 were first doses, which is the lowest number of first doses administered in a single day since February 23. More registration details will be revealed this week, and the window for taking part will remain open for one week after the province reaches the 70% mark of individuals that have received at least one dose of the vaccination. "Currently, we are 48,361 first dose appointments away from reaching that goal".

During a Monday afternoon press conference, Premier Kenney announced that there will be two additional $1 million lotteries available for Albertans over the age of 18 who have received a second dose of vaccine, to be drawn at later dates.

Nearly 69 per cent of eligible Albertans have received one or both doses of the vaccination. The first in August with a closing date of Aug. 24 and one in September with a closing date of Sept. 23.

Draws are also to be held and the victor announced August 31 and September 30 for people who are fully vaccinated.