'I'm done, I'm dead': Man swallowed alive by humpback whale


Mr Packard told Cape Cod Times he "felt this huge shove" before everything "went completely black" as he realised he was inside the whale.

For about 30 to 40 seconds, Michael Packard of Wellfleet, Massachusetts, was trapped in the jaws of a 60,000-pound mammal as it dawned on him: "I'm in a whale's mouth - and he's trying to swallow me".

"I just couldn't believe it", he said. He told WBZ-TV he was 45 feet deep in the waters off Provincetown when the attack occurred.

Michael Packard, from Wellfleet in the U.S. state of MA, wrote on Facebook he was lobster diving on Friday before he found himself inside the mouth of a whale.

Packard, an experienced diver, told WBZ that he still had his breathing apparatus on in the whale's mouth. "In those places I'm not aware of a single incident of people having problems with them", Stormy Mayo said.

Mr Packard was taken to hospital for treatment and has since been released. In the end, Packard said, he was "all bruised up", but whole.

"We don't really see humpback whales doing anything like this normally", Robbins told CNN.

"I thought myself 'This is it".

Robbins said she guessed the whale might have been eating sand lace, a small fish, and mistakenly scooped up Packard possibly due to the way their vision can be obstructed when they open their mouths to feed.

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"When they do that, they don't necessarily see everything", she said.

The whale, identified as a mature female named Valley, was first spotted Monday by a whale watch boat on Stellwagen Bank northeast of Provincetown, according to a statement from the Center for Coastal Studies.

The harbour is a popular area for boaties.

Packard's mate, Josiah Mayo, plucked him out of the water and headed back to shore. Mayo told CNN he was there when his son brought Packard ashore, and emergency services immobilised him and brought him to the hospital.

In an effort to save himself, Packard said he began shaking the whale's head before the animal surfaced and ejected him.

"If you come up to atmospheric pressure, and you've held your breath, you could develop an embolism", Mayo said.

"To get out of a situation like that you have to be a top pro".

"He's a smart guy, he's a tough guy, and he's a lucky guy".