Canadian Business Leaders Demand Plan to Reopen Borders, Economy Now


The current shortage of corona vaccine in the country has come to light from several centres, which has led to closure of several centres but the data submitted by the Central Government regarding availability of vaccine with private hospitals is shocking.

Canada extended the dose interval between vaccine shots to get first doses to more people more quickly, after modelling suggested that giving partial protection to more people would reduce COVID-19 caseloads overall.

Our World in Data, a site that tracks COVID-19 indicators, pegs Canada as first in the world when it comes to the percentage of a country's population that's received one dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

High prices at private hospitals in comparison to government-run hospitals and vaccine hesitancy is believed to be the likely reason behind the low vaccination at private healthcare institute.

Moderna, Pfizer COVID Vaccines Now Interchangeable
Pfizer has said it expects to produce as many as three billion COVID-19 shots in 2021 and upwards of 4 billion next year. President Joe Biden was set to make the announcement Thursday in a speech before the start of Group of Seven summit.

The total number of coronavirus vaccine doses administered in the country has reached 26,17,40,273, as per a provisional report compiled today at 7 pm. However, the government termed such claims as unfair and said that they do not match the data available with us.

The price of Covishield has been fixed at Rs 780 a dose, Russian vaccine Sputnik V at Rs 1,145 a dose and indigenously made Covaxin, at a steep Rs 1,410 a dose.

The minimum period between the first and second doses of the Pfizer and Moderna anti-Covid vaccine will now be 21 days, French health minister Olivier Véran announced on Tuesday. Private hospitals will continue to buy the remaining 25 per cent and vaccinate those who are willing to pay. The ministry said 13,13,438 vaccine doses were administered as first dose and 54,375 vaccine doses were given as second dose in the 18-44 age group on Tuesday.

At a news conference today, a Canadian travel and tourism roundtable said the federal government must heed advice from its expert advisory panel last month and allow fully vaccinated foreigners into the country.