Bidens’ dog Champ dies ‘peacefully at home’


Champ, the older of the Biden family's two dogs, has died "peacefully at home", U.S. president Joe Biden has said. The same statement commemorated the dog's love for chasing golf balls at the Naval Observatory and spending time with the Biden grandchildren.

Joe Biden's German shepherd Champ passed away on June 19Credit: GettyWhat happened to Joe Biden's dog Champ?

The Bidens got Champ as a puppy in 2008, shortly before they moved into the vice president's official residence at the Naval Observatory. The Bidens have another German Shepherd - Major, who is the first animal from an animal rescue shelter to live in the White House.

But the injury was serious enough that Major and Champ were taken back to Wilmington, Delaware, according to a report by CNN.

But within six weeks of taking office, the dogs were briefly sent back to DE for extra training after Major, the younger of the pair, bit a member of White House security. The family adopted him eight months later. They starred in a Christmas video greeting from the Bidens, and were the subject of a children's book, "Champ and Major: First Dogs".

In November, Mr Biden fractured his foot while playing with the lively canine in DE and had to wear a walking boot for a number of weeks.

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The Bidens could occasionally be seen walking their two dogs on the White House South Lawn, and the dogs sometimes would join the president on trips to Camp David or visits home to Delaware.

The First Lady described being "obsessed" with getting the dogs settled into life at the White House after the inauguration in January.

The Bidens had prepared Champ for a life in the spotlight, enlisting a DE trainer, Mark Tobin, to teach him how to handle the plane rides, noises and crowds that a then-second dog might encounter.

"Our family lost our loving companion Champ today". "She is waiting in the wings", Jill Biden said in April.

"We love our sweet, good boy and will miss him always", the President and first lady said.

"You can call us #DOTUS".