Australia to get new deputy PM after party revolt


"Michael McCormack made a significant contribution to the Infrastructure Transport and Regional Development portfolio as evidenced by the Federal Government's infrastructure investment program and CCF National congratulates him on his achievements since he came to the position in early 2018", CCF CEO Chris Melham says.

Mr Joyce has repeatedly denied the accusations, and the investigation was inconclusive.

The Nationals leader initially claimed the child may not be his, insisting the identity of the father was a "grey area" - but said he would not take a paternity test and would raise the boy named Sebastian as his.

Euroa MP Steph Ryan, who represents parts of central and north-eastern Victoria, said she believed Mr Joyce's past actions that forced him to resign in 2018 - after an affair with a staffer and a sexual harassment allegation - disqualified him from leading the party.

Asked if he would turn female voters off the Coalition, Mr Joyce said he had acknowledged his "faults" and spent three years on the backbench.

"People don't want to hear us talking about ourselves and having leadership challenges", she said.

He was joined by his partner Vicki Campion and his two sons.

"I think he's done a good job for the last three-and-a-half-years", she said.

"I think that if he became leader again there would be women out there that would be unhappy with that, " she said.

Israel to swear in government, ending Netanyahu's long rule
On the global stage, with his polished English and booming baritone voice, the telegenic Netanyahu has become the face of Israel. Bennett listed as priorities reforms in education, health, cutting red tape to grow businesses and lower housing costs.

All this is happening as Prime Minister Scott Morrison is still in the United Kingdom after the G7 summit, dealing with an emergency virtual Cabinet meeting to address Australia's failing vaccine rollout.

"That is my greatest achievement, having three lovely children".

Barnaby Joyce has reclaimed his title of Deputy Prime Minister after another leadership spill in Canberra today.

Senator Canavan confirmed he moved the spill motion which saw Mr McCormack deposed as leader.

He replied: 'I thank the member for her question.

Joyce has previously said he was willing to vote against any government legislation that costs jobs as a result of higher climate standards.

"He has a big following here, he's always very out and about in the community", she said.

The change of leadership is expected to trigger a Ministerial re-shuffle with Joyce supporters expected to be awarded with positions.