Republicans in U.S. Senate block probe of Capitol riot


The vote highlighted how Republicans are reluctant to cooperate.

Schumer had sought to pass USICA on Thursday, but it was delayed by partisan political disagreement over how much time was allowed to consider amendments and which amendments would get votes.

Immediately after the defeat, Senate leader Chuck Schumer set a June vote on another important priority.

After the Senate vote, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democrats would "proceed to find the truth" about what happened on January 6, but said nothing about whether she would set up a special committee to investigate, as some Democrats have suggested. The vice president of the party in the White House - now Kamala Harris - is able to break a tie.

The Democrats' progressive wing has grown increasingly impatient over the lack of action in the Senate, where Mr. Schumer has chosen to devote recent months to bipartisan initiatives, like a water-infrastructure bill that passed almost unanimously and a measure to help the US maintain its lead in technology.

A Democrat who is seeking a sixth term in 2022, Murray had publicly supported the commission, and earlier this year recalled her own harrowing experience on January 6, when she hid with her husband in an office near the Senate chamber as rioters banged on the door, trying to break in.

Over the past week, Republican senators voiced concern that even if the commissioners' ranks were bipartisan, the panel's staffing might not be.

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But in a rare joint statement as tensions rose ahead of Friday's vote, Manchin and Sinema expressed exasperation with Republicans, imploring their colleagues not to stand in the way of a bipartisan commission to investigate the assault by a mob loyal to Trump seeking to overturn Biden's election. Cinema did not vote.

The Democratic proposal touches many corners of the election process, from how districts are drawn to how campaigns are financed and regulated to the processes for voting in elections. Dozens of judges rejected lawsuits asserting voting irregularities, and election officials across the country have said the vote was safe and secure.

The For the People Act, a bill for voting, is vast and addresses a variety of interrelated issues that Democrats claim to protect votes and curb special interests.

Republicans oppose the bill, casting it as a way for the federal government to take power away from the states.

That said, 14 states have also enacted 28 bills that expand voting access, the report found.

The vote is emblematic of profound mistrust between the two parties since the siege, especially among Republicans, as some in the party have downplayed the violence and defended the rioters who supported Mr Trump and his false insistence that the election was stolen from him. Has changed the rules over the years to reduce. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., a leading proponent of the elections and voting rights bill, said ahead of Friday's vote.