Police respond to reports of gunshots near intersection where George Floyd died


And while nothing can bring them or the too many other Black men and women killed by police back to their families, we owe it to them to make the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act law.

The George Floyd Memorial Foundation was also holding a celebration of life in Minneapolis Tuesday. He said of the meeting with Biden, "It was great, he's a genuine guy".

Later, she stood before the cameras outside the White House and softly called out, "say his name".

Bridgett Floyd told the crowd in Minneapolis: "We don't want a watered down bill ..."

"Every time I think we have made a step ahead, we make 10 back", she said.

A view of George Floyd Square after sounds of shots were reported in the area, on the first anniversary of the death of George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., May 25, 2021.

Senator Tim Scott of SC, a lead Republican negotiator, said on Tuesday the main point of contention between the parties is qualified immunity, a legal doctrine that shields individual police officers from lawsuits in certain circumstances.

However, the ambitious deadline comes with only the House having passed the bill, known as the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, while the Senate continues to wrangle over key details.

Earlier in the day, Floyd's family, including his daughter, Gianna and two other brothers, met on Capitol Hill with House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, and other lawmakers who promised to secure passage of the legislation, now stalled in Congress. [Cory] Booker to get an update last Friday, expect to continue to get updates over the coming days. "I feel it was a very productive conversation and I'm grateful for it", he said.

"Our government is working with Black communities across the country to make sure nobody is left behind".

Mask Mandate lifted for vaccinated people in Juneau
"It's the right thing to do for those around you who can't get vaccinated or who may be at higher risk". Under the new guidance from the U.S.

The Floyd family's meetings with some of Washington's most powerful officials produced plenty of comments about optimism and moving forward.

The current standoff underscores the political complexities of an issue that's a top concern for many of both parties' voters - Democrats' progressives and voters of color, and Republicans' law-and-order conservatives.

Chauvin, 45, faces up to 40 years in prison when he is sentenced on June 25. Chauvin was convicted last month of multiple charges.

Though a legislative response has been elusive, negotiators have displayed a steady solidarity that's unusual for such talks, never publicly sniping at each other.

"Today is the day that he set the world in a rage", Floyd's brother Philonise said, addressing reporters at the Capitol alongside family members, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other politicians. He said O'Quinn told him to move after almost hitting him, but said he only got out of the way when an Elizabeth City police officer asked him to do so.Witnesses said they had no doubt about why the collision took place."That's premeditated", Deshawn Morris told The Daily Beast.

The Democratic-controlled House approved a sweeping bill in March that would make it easier for individual police officers to be sued and charged with crimes.

GOP lawmakers have preferred more modest changes.

Floyd family lawyer Ben Crump said Biden told them that "he doesn't want to sign a bill that doesn't have substance and meaning".

"The courage and grace of his family, and especially his daughter Gianna, has really stuck with the president", White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, adding that the president was "eager to listen to their perspectives".

"As members of the National Basketball Association family, we will continue to use our influence to support common-sense policy reform in our communities across the nation so that equal justice is afforded to all", the coalition said.