New hybrid coronavirus variant identified by scientists in Vietnam


BBC reports that according to Reuters news agency, the Minister told the government in a meeting that Vietnam has uncovered a new COVID-19 variant combining the characteristics of the two existing variants first found in India and the UK.

But a new coronavirus variant has recently been detected in Vietnam with characteristics from both the United Kingdom and the Indian variants.

Laboratory cultures of the mixed variant also show that the virus replicates itself very quickly.

"The Ministry of Health would announce the new coronavirus variant on the global genome map", he said, adding that the new variant had yet to be named.

Vietnam has been, previously, applauded for its quick and effective response against the deadly virus which has infected more than 6,700 people and caused 47 deaths in the country.

The new round of infections has made the public and government fearful and authorities have quickly moved to place strict limits on movement and business activity.

The country of about 98 million people has so far received 2.9 million doses and aims to secure 150 million this year. The country has approved the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and the Sputnik V vaccine.

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Authorities have called on people and businesses to donate money to help procure vaccines, while embassies and worldwide organisations have been contacted for assistance, state media reported.

A majority of the latest cases reported came from the Bac Ninh and Bac Giang provinces, both of which have a large industrial presence.

State media also reported that Vietnam is in discussions with Russian Federation to produce Sputnik V, and is working on a home-grown vaccine.

So far, Vietnam has recorded the presence of seven coronavirus variants, including ones from the U.K, India and South Africa.

Vietnam has since ordered a nationwide ban on all religious events.

The strain was first detected in Thailand in a 33-year-old Egyptian traveller, United Kingdom health authorities said, but 109 cases have since been found in Britain.