Dozens injured in Jerusalem clashes between Palestinians and police


The State Department said it was "deeply concerned about the heightened tensions", and the evictions of Palestinian families. She avoided specifically blaming either side.

Israeli security forces deploy next to the Dome of the Rock mosque amid clashes with Palestinian protesters at the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem on Friday.

Worshippers threw rocks and chairs at police, who fired rubber-coated bullets and stun grenades.

The Israeli police said protesters hurled stones, fireworks and other objects at them, wounding six officers who required medical treatment.

The Palestinian Red Crescent emergency service said 88 people were hospitalised while most of the wounded suffered injuries to the face and eyes caused by rubber bullets and shrapnel from stun grenades.


According to media reports, the Jerusalem municipality is planning to build a biblical theme park-Gan Hamelech-in Al-Bustan neighborhood near the walls of the Old City after it demolishes 100 properties, which are home to nearly 1,550 Palestinians, 63% of whom are children.

Sunday night is "Laylat al-Qadr" or the "Night of Destiny", the most sacred in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

"Barging into Al-Aqsa Mosque is a violation to the sanctity of the prayers", stated the Grand Imam while stressing on his condemnation of the armed assaults that took place in Sheikh Jarrah peaceful protesters who expressed their rejection of the forced evacuation and the process of land seizure that the court has recently ruled in favor. According to the Times of Israel, citing Israeli TV, three Palestinian assailants booked a tour that included Jerusalem and were on their way to the city at the time of a "shootout" in which two gunmen were killed and one was "critically injured". Smaller clashes broke out elsewhere in Jerusalem.

The Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood is mostly populated with Palestinians and it holds a tomb for an ancient Jewish priest, Simon the Just. Tensions have also escalated in the occupied West Bank in recent weeks.

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Israel is now in the process of attempting to form a government after President Benjamin Netanyahu lost his mandate to form a coalition.

In that incident, dozens of supporters of the families threatened with eviction gathered outside the houses in question, chanting and singing songs, with about 20 Jewish Israelis also gathered nearby playing loud music. But with Israel's move to annex East Jerusalem in 1967 - a move not recognized by the majority of the global community - they were denied ownership of the homes and lands.

Police violence against Palestinians in #SheikhJarrah who only want to remain in the homes they've lived in for generations is state-sponsored persecution. In fact, the Knesset passed a law in 1950 barring Palestinians from reclaiming property in East Jerusalem from before 1948.

In the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, 169 residents, including 46 children, from 12 different families have received eviction notices so their homes can be occupied illegally by Israeli settlers.

We will respond with a heavy hand to all violent disturbances, riots and attacks on our forces, it said in a statement late Friday.

A long-running legal battle over the occupation has reignited conflict in recent days. Officials said the potential for further clashes was high in coming days. The U.S. must show more leadership on the issue of Palestinian rights in the Holy Land, the West Bank and Gaza.

"The sharp and professional actions of the border police officers helped prevent a major terrorist attack", the head of the IDF's Central Command Tamir Yadai said.

Hundreds of people slept on the carpets on the mosque Friday night.