California Launches $116 Million Lottery for Vaccinated Residents


California will offer US$116.5 million in cash and gift cards to residents who get Covid-19 vaccinations before June 15, the latest - and most lucrative - incentive by USA states desperate to persuade laggards and vaccine-sceptics to get the injection.

CA is launching a $116.5 MILLION GIVEAWAY for vaccinated Californians!

The incentive is to get people who are hesitant a push to get vaccinated.

Following the lead of states including New York, Oregon and OH, the Golden State State is the latest to implement an incentive system to boost vaccinations and ensure a safe reopening, which is scheduled for June 15.

$50,000 FRIDAYS FOR 30 WINNERS: Thirty winners will be selected to win a $50,000 cash prize each, with fifteen winners selected on Friday, June 4 and fifteen winners selected on Friday, June 11 - totaling $1.5 million in cash prizes.

If the individual selected is under the age of 18, the money will be deposited into a savings account in their name that will be locked up until they turn 18. As of Thursday, the next 2 million people who begin and then complete their COVID-19 vaccination will automatically be eligible to receive a $50 virtual prepaid card or a $50 grocery gift card for select locations, while supplies last.

Anyone who's received at least one shot of a vaccine already has been automatically entered via the state's immunology registry - and, yes, that exists, and the state already knows if you've been vaccinated.

In 25 States, More Than Half Of Adults Are Fully Vaccinated
The older son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, who got his first jab on Tuesday had contracted COVID-19 a year ago . A total of 3,874 fatalities due to COVID-19 were registered in a span of 24 hours.

Winners must complete their vaccination in order to claim their prize.

Newsom said of the program: "Getting every eligible Californian vaccinated is how we bring our state roaring back from this pandemic".

"It's our biggest "thank you" yet to Californians who have received their COVID-19 vaccine", the program's website reads.

Newsom said he hopes to get over 70% of adults vaccinated by June 15, and "significantly increase" the number of younger residents.

"We've got to get those first-dose numbers up", Newsom said at a press conference in Los Angeles.

Starting this week, New Yorkers can get a free lottery ticket potentially worth up to $5 million if they get vaccinated at state-run vaccination sites. "We got to finish the job".