Utah grows more than any state; fails to add congressional district


The numbers could shift the political makeup of Congress and set up what will likely be contentious redistricting battles in the coming months. States use the numbers and other census data to redraw electoral maps based on where people have moved.

That means OR will gain a sixth seat in the 435-person U.S. House of Representatives.

Alabama is on the bubble as a state that may or may not lose a congressional seat. Arizona, Colorado, Montana, North Carolina and OR could each gain a seat, while Texas is on track to gain a few.

Seven states will lose seats, including California -1 (now has 53 seats) IL -1 (now has 18 seats) MI -1 (now has 14 seats) NY -1 (now has 27 seats) OH -1 (now has 16 seats) Pennsylvania -1 (now has 18 seats) West Virginia -1 (now has 3 seats).

Last year's tally was the country's 24th census - a once-a-decade tradition required by the Constitution since 1790 - and it is the ninth count for which the USA government has attempted to include every person living in the country in the numbers used for reapportioning seats in Congress.

The reapportionment can come down to razor-thin margins.

Redistricting in MA may be easier than it was after the previous census, when the state lost a seat.

Still, political flashpoints loom as Republicans and Democrats prepare to hash out new maps for the state's 10 congressional and 49 legislative districts, a process controlled by a bipartisan redistricting commission. Republicans only need to flip five seats in 2022 to retake the House.

The mostly college-educated transplants have helped Colorado go from being a solidly Republican state to a competitive swing state to, now, a solidly Democratic one - though the state's districts will be drawn by a nonpartisan commission.

Three days of COVID-19 data this afternoon at 2pm
The statement says more information is expected later in the week. 2,960 new cases of COVID-19 over the weekend. The ministry says as of Saturday, 1.2 million people in B.C. have received their first vaccine dose.

That work can not be completed until the census releases more precise block-by-block data, which is slated for September. The delay has raised concerns that states will be forced to rush through the complicated process of redistricting ahead of the next elections.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2019 that federal courts have no power to restrict political gerrymandering, although racial gerrymandering - which aims to curb the political power of specific racial or ethnic groups - remains unlawful.

WEST VIRGINIA - A decadeslong exodus of residents finally causes West Virginia to lose a congressional seat, reducing its representation in the House from three to two members.

Dropping from 14 House seats to 13 also will mean the boundaries of some districts will have to change.

Overall, the USA population grew more slowly from 2010 to 2020 than in every other decade aside from the 1930s, during the Great Depression, census officials said.

Population growth has slowed as the birth rate has declined, while the "baby boomer" post-World War Two generation has aged.

Utah's population grew faster than any other state's, increasing by more than 18% since 2010. California lost a seat for the first time. However, the increase in Washington state's population contributed to the 9.2% growth in the West as that region and the South increased and the East and North portions of the nation decreased in population.

With a politically divided state Legislature, and the state's congressional delegation split evenly between Democrats and Republicans, Peppin said incumbents have much less to worry about now.