United States to announce sanctions on Russian Federation over hacking, election meddling


Russia's President Vladimir Putin takes part in a meeting of the boa.

They come amid an already tense relationship between the US and Russia, with US President Joe Biden telling Russian President Vladimir Putin this week that the US would "act firmly in defence of its national interests" regarding Russian intrusions and election interference.

The sanctions will affect more than 30 Russian entities and will include expelling more than 10 Russians from the United States, including diplomats, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources.

The United States is also expected to announce aggressive new measures targeting the country's sovereign debt through restrictions on U.S. financial institutions' ability to trade such debt, according to another source. "Of course, we will not make any comment on newspaper reports, we will wait for the official Washington to announce some exact decisions", Peskov told reporters.

The move would be retaliation for cyber-attacks aimed at the United States, including alleged interference in the 2020 presidential elections.

The United States will announce sanctions against Russian Federation on Thursday in retaliation for alleged election interference and hacking, American media reported. In a call with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, President Biden said the US would "act firmly" in defense of its national interests.

The Biden administration is preparing to announce USA sanctions in response to a massive Russian hacking campaign that breached vital federal agencies, as well as for election interference, a senior administration official said today.

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Last year, cyber-security researchers identified a hack in a piece of software called SolarWinds - an intrusion that gave cyber-criminals access to 18,000 government and private computer networks. The hackers gained access to digital files of several USA government agencies, including the Treasury, Justice and State Departments.

The president of Microsoft, one of the companies targeted, has said the sophistication and scale of the SolarWinds attack was on a level not previously seen.

The U.S. has also publicly warned Russian Federation against aggressive actions in Ukraine.

Russian Federation has denied carrying out the attack. Russia has amassed more than 40,000 troops on Ukraine's eastern border, and more than 40,000 in Crimea, the region that Putin annexed away from Ukraine and declared Russian in 2014.

These actions will be rolled out in the form of an executive order from President Joe Biden as well as sanctions coordinated with the State Department and the Treasury Department, the officials said.

Rebecca Kaplan and Melissa Quinn contributed reporting.