Super Pink Moon lights up Southwest Florida tonight


But what exactly is it and how can we see it across Wales?

The term "supermoon" was coined in 1979, with Nasa saying: "When a full moon appears at perigee [its closest point to Earth] it is slightly brighter and larger than a regular full moon - and that's where we get a "supermoon".

The moon has an elliptical orbit around the Earth - meaning that it doesn't go around in a circle, but more of an oval-shaped path. Although the moon will be bigger and brighter, it will not be tinted pink.

Despite its name, the pink super moon will not actually be pink.

According to Brian McNoldy, an atmospheric scientist from the University of Miami in the USA, exceptionally high tides are common when the moon is closest to Earth.

The supermoon won't actually be pink, despite its name.

The second supermoon is on Wednesday, May 26, which is also the date of a total lunar eclipse, so the moon will turn into a super blood moon.

039;Pink supermoon' glows over Greece

Supermoons (or perigean full moons) are full moons that happen when the moon's orbit brings it closest to Earth, and can be up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal full moons.

According to NASA, the nickname isn't due to the color of the moon in the sky, but rather the pink petals of the herb moss pink, one of the earliest wildflowers to bloom in the spring across the eastern United States.

The next supermoon will be visible in May. Picture: Angie WithersThe pink supermoon past year.

"This means that the best times to view this supermoon will be anytime during the night of 27 April - when the moon will rise in the east just before sunset and set in the west around sunrise".

If clouds interfere on Monday night, people can still look for the moon on Tuesday night as it will appear to be almost full.

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