Derek Chauvin found guilty of murder — George Floyd trial


Community organizers in Denver's Black Lives Matter chapter said the conversations on policing are far from over in Colorado.

But, she said, she is grateful to have something to celebrate for once.

"It's bad, but it kind of has a silver lining for the next generation", Phillips said. "... With the consistency of what normally happens, we were ready for disappointment".

The Minneapolis police chief quickly called it "murder" and fired all four officers, and the city reached a 27 million dollar (£19.4 million) settlement with Mr Floyd's family as jury selection was underway.

"This wasn't policing, this was murder", Schleicher added. Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez shot and killed James Boyd, who was camping in the Sandia foothills, in 2014.

The defense had argued it was impossible to find an impartial jury in the city, which was rocked by protests over Floyd's death.

Artist Natalee Hudson stopped by Albuquerque Civic Plaza to reflect on the guilty verdict of former police officer Derek Chauvin. The crowds erupted in cheers and chants of "George Floyd" and "all three counts" after the conviction was read out.

"A measure of justice is not the same as equal justice".

US President Joe Biden welcomed the verdict, saying Mr Floyd's death was "a murder in full light of day, and it ripped the blinders off for the whole world" to see systemic racism.

George Floyd trial: Derek Chauvin found guilty of murder
Kambon: Guilty verdict a lesson for local police

Mayor Tim Keller said Floyd's murder has weighed heavily on his mind since last May.

Myron Phillips, an outreach worker with the nonviolence group Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance, said he and several other members of the nonprofit showed up to show their support of the verdict and demonstrators. Sentencing will take place at a later date. "While we can hope that this verdict offers some semblance of justice, we still have a long way to go before we have fully addressed the ongoing racial injustice in this country that is embedded in every institution around us".

Defense attorneys of all four former Minneapolis police officers had filed motions to move the trial out of Hennepin County, arguing that the jury pool's perspective had been tainted by the media coverage of the high-profile case. "We all remain committed to the hard work of healing and advancing the cause of civil rights and equal justice under the law".

"We got a chance to go to trial and we took it all the way". "I'm praying the verdict is the right verdict. I hope it is some vindication of and relief to the communities and people who have been the victims of systemically racist policing practices for generations". "That determination can be made after we see system change in each police department throughout the nation", said VanMichael Moore, a second-year law student at CU Boulder. For the most part we 'don't care.' I think, also that we're not really encouraged to care, we don't have news coverage that encourages us to delve deeper into some of these topics and to understand how these different dynamics came about. Credit: APPeople in Minneapolis cheer after a guilty verdict was announced.

"Cases aren't going to be reversed on that basis", he said.

Barack Obama, the nation's first Black president, said "a jury did the right thing" but "true justice requires much more".

"It's tempting to do that ..."

But there was also concern that many young, black men in Trinidad and Tobago are being abused by local police. "We can't let those words die with him".

Columbus police show video of officer fatally shooting girl
In a press conference , Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said the "officers took action to protect another young girl". No further details were gathered from the caller who hung up the phone, according to The Columbus Dispatch .