Biden polls positive for first 100 days in office


However, the polls found that vaccine hesitancy has increased, with CBS showing that 19 percent of Republicans say they might get the vaccine, and 30 percent saying they won't get it at all. "We'll go from here".

The Biden administration has put forward a broad-ranging, $2.25 trillion infrastructure proposal. A major element running through the proposal is dealing with the effects of climate change. The Republican leader said he has not met or spoken with the president since Biden took office. "$568 billion is a lot of money". "This is a robust package", she said. "And that's a significant investment in infrastructure".

'Business Roundtable has long advocated for increased investment in America's transportation, water, energy and communications infrastructure, and we estimate that an investment of approximately $1 trillion above baseline over 10 years is necessary to return USA physical infrastructure to a state of good fix, expand capacity to meet expected demand and invest in new green infrastructure'.

The Republican proposal would include $299 billion for roads and bridges, $61 billion for public transportation, $44 billion for airports, $35 billion for water and wastewater, $20 billion for rail, $17 billion for ports and inland waterways, $14 billion for water storage and $13 billion for safety. He also joined Booker and then-Sen. "Broadband is an essential and core infrastructure package", Capito said.

Overall, the polls showed a range of 52-58 percent of USA adults who say they approve of the job Biden is doing, compared with 39-42% who say they disapprove.

Chad president wins sixth term
President Abdel Fattah El Sisi sent on Tuesday a cable of condolences over the death of Chadian President Idriss Deby . The provisional results still need to be approved by the Supreme Court after it studies potential legal appeals.

But most Republicans strongly oppose the social programs and liberals worry that a smaller first round package passing with bipartisan support could kill the second round proposal.

"I would hope to see Democrats and Republicans agreeing on infrastructure - infrastructure by itself", Manchin said on a call with West Virginia reporters.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce put out a statement this afternoon urging a bipartisan approach.

Republican leaders' decision to have the party's leading African American lawmaker represent the party next week comes at a time when the GOP is facing questions about how it is addressing race as many in the party continue to embrace the nationalist agenda espoused by former president Donald Trump and GOP-controlled state legislatures advance voting measures that would curtail access to the polls.

Capito today agreed those kinds of negotiations are ahead.