Andrew Brown Jr.’s family: Police bodycam footage shows ‘execution’


The account was the first description of the shooting of Andrew Brown Jr., who was killed by deputies serving drug-related search and arrest warrants. Several peaceful protests took place in the city last week following the shooting. Authorities have released few details.

On Monday afternoon, after an earlier delay, Pasquotank County Attorney Michael Cox showed Brown's family and attorneys a short clip from one deputy's body camera that family attorney Chantel Cherry-Lassiter said showed an "execution".

Lawyers for the family said the 42-year-old Brown had his hands on the steering wheel of his vehicle and was complying with police orders when he was gunned down, leaving a trail of shell casings in the driveway of his home in Elizabeth City.

"There was no time in the 20 seconds that we saw where he was threatening the officers in any kind of way", she told reporters at a news conference.

"Twenty seconds is not transparency when you've got multiple officers gunning down a man with his hands on a steering wheel trying to get away", said Harry Daniels, an attorney for the family.

Brown then backed out of the driveway as the officers continued firing and drove away, hitting a tree. He said, "My dad got executed just by trying to save his own life".

"Let's be clear: this was an execution", Cherry-Lassiter said.

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"They're trying to hide something", attorney Benjamin Crump said. "I've never been talked to like I was talked to in there", Sellers said.

Wooten and Cox did not respond to requests for comment. At the time, deputies were said to be attempting to serve an arrest warrant for felony drug charges. Seven deputies are on leave pending a probe by the State Bureau of Investigation.

"WAVY also obtained the search warrant in the case on Monday, which says authorities had been watching Brown for more than a year for alleged drug activity".

There has been rumors circulating that the National Guard is in Elizabeth City for this event.

She said that at least eight officers were seen in the footage. A coalition of media organizations have also sought the footage, and city officials plan to do so as well. The shooting sparked a public demand for the police body camera footage, though its release has been prevented so far given North Carolina law holds that only a court order can allow the release of such footage.

The footage has not been released to the public, despite calls to do so from local and state officials - including Gov. Roy Cooper. She said it left her in tears. "It's a bigger monster than we think it is".