US, Chinese officials clash in 1st high-level talks under Biden


China's actions "threaten the rules-based order that maintains global stability", Blinken said at the opening of the two-day meeting. Yang Jeichi, China's top diplomat, fired back, accusing the USA of bullying other countries into "attacking China" and suggesting it was hypocritical for the U.S. to express concerns about human rights elsewhere when Black Americans are being "slaughtered".

China's social media carried comments saying Chinese officials were doing a good job in Alaska, and that the us side lacked sincerity.

"Isn't this the intention of United States. that it wants to speak to China in a condescending way from a position of strength?"

Behind the opening bickering, both sides laid out a laundry list of alleged misbehavior and provocative actions they accuse the other of.

"My sense is that the administration is testing the question of whether it is possible to get real results from these dialogues", Zack Cooper, who researches China at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, said of the US side.

Afterward, a US official accused the Chinese diplomats of "grandstanding". He said the United States uses its financial and military might to bully other countries.

But visibly stung by the American accusations, he reproached the United States at length, demanding Washington "stop advancing its own democracy in the rest of the world". "I didn't see any, and the only result was damages done to United States".

Beijing has often told the butt out of such "internal matters". "We will never give up on those", Zhao said.

The initial parrying underscored the distance between the two global powers.

The two sides finished the meetings after an opening session on Thursday in which they attacked each other.

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Dean Cheng at the conservative Heritage Foundation said China's global influence had grown to the point where it felt it could openly deride the USA system.

Mr Yang questioned Mr Blinken on Thursday about whether the sanctions were announced ahead of the meeting on goal.

They also attended a summit between leaders of the so-called "Quad", which groups the U.S., Australia, Japan and India as a check on China's ambitions.

While Biden's two-month old administration is still conducting China policy reviews, Yang and Wang by contrast are veteran diplomats with decades of combined experience handling U.S.

"We do not seek conflict, but we welcome stiff competition, and we will always stand up for our principles, for our people, and for our friends", Sullivan said at the top of the first meeting Thursday, according to Reuters.

"What we need to do is to abandon the Cold War mentality, and the zero sum game approach" he added.

While much of Mr Biden's China policy is still being formulated, including how to handle the tariffs on Chinese goods implemented under Mr Trump, his administration has so far placed a stronger emphasis on democratic values and allegations of human rights abuses by China.

Washington accuses China of methodical theft of USA commercial secrets and a lack of transparency over the origins of Covid-19.

In response, China stepped up its rhetoric opposing USA interference in domestic affairs and complained directly about it.