Sandra Oh calls for more help for Asian-American community


"But, no, he specifically went to those Asian spas, where it was clear in all three places there would be many Asian women". "It is madness to question a 21-year-old lunatic as to his motivations when we can see as clear as day that this was a hate crime".

"Sometimes you may hear from your peers about certain professors being mean to Asian students, and that kind of situation may apply to every aspect of your daily life, too", Chen said.

"My husband also gave her a foldable pocket knife for her protection".

Oliver continued, "Not only are attacks against Asians very much American, so is denying that they're racist".

The feature was published the same week a white gunman killed eight people, six of them Asian women in Atlanta. She said the board met with the governor and Herring on Thursday to call for action - and expected an announcement from Northam soon.

According to a study by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University at San Bernadino, hate crimes against Asian Americans increased 149% in 2020.

For Asian American owners of businesses, the shootings left them newly anxious about their own safety after a year many say has been marked by racist comments about the coronavirus pandemic.

Anti-Asian racism in the US has a deeply rooted history that can be traced long before the start of the pandemic.

In several private discussion threads for overseas Singaporeans, some people have also spoken of the possibility of acquiring firearms for self-defence.

"This could have happened to anyone in my community, including the ones I love and care most about", said Liang speaking to a large crowd.

'The world is only just waking up to anti-Asian racism – I've lived with it all my life'
Sandra Oh stands up for her Asian American community: ‘Im proud to be Asian

However, BTS' studied silence on the rising crimes against the Asian community in the US and the world, continues to baffle me, especially since they are Asians themselves!

It is hard to pinpoint a single cause for this spike in Anti-Asian discrimination.

Anti-Asian crimes are on the rise in Canada, and in British Columbia in particular. The attacks came amid a troubling spike in violence against the Asian American community during the coronavirus pandemic. "I know that I have the unique privilege of having this platform and a voice, and I can influence people", said Cho. Last month, she shared her own personal story of being harassed on the street in NY, which received over 40,000 likes. "A lot of people were receiving what we were saying and what we were presenting out to them". Its antagonist, Willis Wu, is an Asian man hoping to achieve the pinnacle of Asian American actor success: become the kung fu guy in a TV show.

A total of 10 per cent of all reported attacks and incidents described being coughed or spat on, according to the report.

On Thursday, both the Michigan House and Senate passed resolutions condemning American hate crimes, and encouraged Michiganders to report hate crimes to the proper authorities, including local police and the Michigan Attorney General's office.

Some Singaporeans said it was hard to separate the vitriol faced by Asians from the divisive politics in the United States of recent years.

Mr. Trump faced severe blowback a year ago for repeatedly calling COVID-19 - which has now killed 5,40,000 people in the US - the "China virus" as it was first detected in that country. These hate crimes were exacerbated by the racist rhetoric of Trump's administration, and its scapegoating of "the China virus".

The new report seems to bear this out, especially in those who reported their incidents in Chinese.

He believed that anti-Asian sentiment has been amplified with the Democratic president Joe Biden in office. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been almost 3,800 anti-Asian hate incidents reported in the US, according to data from the Stop AAPI Hate coalition. "I want to tell anyone who may be scared today: Do not be afraid".

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