New York State Senate passes bill to repeal Cuomo's emergency executive powers


The report, which was based on interviews with unnamed officials in Cuomo's administration, alleges that the numbers were changed out of a desire to protect Cuomo from political fallout relating to his decision to order nursing homes to readmit patients who had tested positive for COVID-19. "There was no agreement between the houses of the Legislature and the governor on this bill".

Facing calls for his resignation, Cuomo said Wednesday he would remain in office but apologized for acting "in a way that made people feel uncomfortable". He said he will comply fully with an independent investigation overseen by state Attorney General Letitia James.

Mr. Cuomo has been divorced from ex-wife Kerry Kennedy since 2003.

Cuomo has also come under fire for his mishandling of COVID-19 nursing home deaths in the state, in which a separate investigation has been made against him.

His administration has been heavily criticized for delaying a full accounting of deaths at long-term-care facilities.

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn have already launched an investigation into the state's handling of nursing homes, including data related to those facilities. The report's objective was to ensure the public had a clear non-political evaluation for how COVID entered nursing homes at the height of the pandemic.

Both reported that top aides, including Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa, Linda Lacewell, and Jim Malatras were all involved.

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"Today, we are in a much different place than where we were a year ago, and now it's time to return to the traditional checks and balances in our state government that provide the level of accountability and transparency which our residents expect-and deserve", Hudson Valley Sen. Mauro is a USA veteran with advanced Alzheimer's disease and is a resident of the Long Island State Veterans Home nursing facility, where he has been since January this year.

"The out-of-facility data was omitted after DOH (Department of Health) could not confirm it had been adequately verified", Beth Garvey, a special counsel and senior adviser to Cuomo, told the Journal and the Times late on Thursday, adding the additional data did not change the report's conclusion.

Mr. Cuomo gained national attention for his response to the coronavirus as it ravaged the state a year ago.

The leader of New York's state senate says Andrew Cuomo should resign if one more person accuses the governor of sexual harassment in addition to the three who have come forward so far.

Several Democratic lawmakers on Friday said the administration officials' alleged actions were unacceptable. Sen. "This project is an integral part of a new energy superhighway that's being built to move electricity across the state more efficiently - while also creating new jobs and opportunities for New Yorkers that will help to reinvigorate our local and statewide economies".

Bennett made her comments in her first TV interview to anchor Norah O'Donnell during the Thursday broadcast of CBS Evening News.

The Senate Democratic Majority said Friday "this system restores the pre-existing balance of power, ensures genuine checks and balances even during a state of emergency, and mandates a better flow of information between the Governor, the Legislature, and the State's localities for the remainder of the pandemic".