Jimmy Carter "dishearted, saddened, and angry" by Georgia bill curbing voting rights


In the spot, James sets up the scene as one of success, showing what "we did" in having the Black vote represented in record numbers, with images of election celebrities Amanda Gorman, Stacey Abrams and empowered voters. 241, legislation that would eliminate no-excuse absentee voting and implement draconian voter identification requirements. Republicans counter that these laws would ensure safe, fair, and free elections and would restore confidence in the integrity of Georgia elections after former President Donald Trump and his legal team claimed there was a "national conspiracy" of voter fraud and the election in Georgia, which Joe Biden won, was illegitimate.

Nonetheless, voting rights groups and Democrats attempted to push back on the idea to make food-giving a crime, framing it as one of many proposals to try to discourage Georgia residents from voting. "And they fear it".

Sunday's game was moved to Atlanta from Indianapolis because of scheduling conflicts with the NCAA college basketball tournament being held in Indiana.

For the first time in state history, voters would be given three days of early access at voting centers and signatures would be allowed to be fixed if mailed incorrectly.

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More Than A Vote has been credited will helping drum up votes. Biden is only the second Democrat to win the state since 1948.

Those laws are being considered largely because if it's too easy to vote, there might be ... too much voting! "We've been ready. You with us?" he asks at the end. More than 200 lawsuits were filed across the country over voting procedures.

In his statement, Carter lamented that Georgia Republicans pushing the legislative attack on voting rights have "repeatedly and selectively" cited a 2005 report he helped assemble with former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker, which raised some concerns about the potential for fraud in mail-in voting at the time while also highlighting the positives of absentee voting. Many Black voters have historically voted on Sundays after church in what's called "souls to the polls". "The group is kicking off a campaign named Protect Our Power, which, in addition to fighting these laws in states across the country, will look to mobilize Black voters in off-year and municipal elections".

"We are in a position to let the world know and, in particular, let people who are new to the process or not as engaged with politics know, that these fights around voter suppression don't just take place during an election year", said Addisu Demissie, the executive director of More Than A Vote.