China Top Diplomat Says US talks "Helpful" But Differences Remain


In two days of talks concluding Friday in Anchorage, two of Biden's most senior officials have traded barbs with their Chinese counterparts and failed to show any signs of agreement on numerous outstanding issues, from trade to human rights.

US Secretary of State Tony Blinken on Friday bluntly told China's top diplomats that Beijing's actions threatened the rules-based order that maintains global stability, as the two countries had a tense exchange during their first in-person high-level meeting since President Joe Biden took office.

In the past few years, due to Washington's irrational suppression of China's legitimate rights and interests, China-US relations have encountered unprecedented difficulties.

A US official accused Chinese leaders of "grandstanding" during contentious bilateral talks in Alaska Thursday, according to a report.

After pointed opening remarks on Thursday from U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken about China's challenge to a rules-based global order, China's top diplomat Yang Jiechi lashed out with a speech criticizing U.S. democracy, and foreign and trade policies.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) told The Epoch Times that it was not surprising the meeting didn't go well, noting that "Communist China is our enemy, plain and simple, and can not be trusted".

China will firmly safeguard its national sovereignty, security and development interests, and China's development and growth is unstoppable, said Yang.

Afterward, Blinken said he was not surprised by China's "defensive response" to concerns about human rights abuses in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong, plus cyberattacks and Beijing's increasing pressure on Taiwan.

"The US does not have the qualification to say it can speak from a position of strength", foreign policy chief Yang Jiechi scoffed.

She also said that it has appeared that the Chinese "owned the meeting", but she pointed out that the Biden team wanted to talk tough because the administration has come under a great deal of criticism, and "rightly so" for being soft on China.

After pointed opening remarks on Thursday from Blinken about China's challenge to a rules-based worldwide order, Yang had lashed out with a long speech criticizing U.S. democracy, and foreign and trade policies.

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The typically boring prelude to diplomatic meetings spiraled quickly out of control in part because of mismatched expectations and because both sides delivered speeches meant just as much for their domestic audiences as for their counterparts.

The rebukes played out in front of journalists, but a senior USA official told reporters that as soon as media had left the room, the two sides "immediately got down to business" and held substantive talks.

BEIJING, March 20 ― The failure of this week's US-China meeting to build strategic trust has heightened the need for Beijing and Washington to improve crisis management regime, a senior Chinese military scholar and adviser told a Beijing forum today.

He claimed "polls" showed that Americans have many doubts about their democracy, while Chinese leaders remain hugely popular with their nation's people.

China's State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, the Chinese delegation comes to Alaska with strong sincerity.

In recent weeks, top Republicans have given a nod to efforts by Biden, a Democrat, to revitalize relations with USA allies in order to confront China, a shift from Trump's go-it-alone "America First" strategy.

Mr Zhao added: "It is because the United States side failed to keep to the set time limit and provoked disagreements first that the opening statements were fiery and theatrical, which is not what China wishes to see".

But Mr Biden's team has kept the Trump administration's framing of "strategic competition" for the relationship-Mr Biden has even used the term "extreme competition"-and the divide between the two countries is likely to deepen".

The exchange, which took place in front of the world's media, went on for more than an hour.

The talks in Anchorage once again proved that communication and dialogue based on mutual respect can help the two sides increase trust, reduce misperceptions, properly manage differences and promote mutually beneficial cooperation.