China says it will discuss climate, other issues with US


"We will [.] discuss our deep concerns with actions by China, including in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, cyber attacks on the United States, economic coercion of our allies", US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told his Chinese counterparts in highly unusual extended back-and-forth in front of cameras.

"We used the session, just as we had planned, to outline our interests and priorities, and we heard the same from our Chinese counterparts", the official said in the pool report, adding that a third session of talks was scheduled for Friday morning.

The United States and China have indicated no major breakthrough in the first high-level in-person talks between their top diplomats in Alaska that ended on Friday.

It is the choice of history and the Chinese people for the CPC to govern, stressed the delegation, adding that China's development can not be achieved without the leadership of the CPC, which is a high consensus among the Chinese people and a general view of the global community.

"And it's no surprise that when we raised those issues clearly and directly, we got a defensive response".

China's social media carried comments saying Chinese officials were doing a good job in Alaska, and that the US side lacked sincerity.

While much of Biden's China policy is still being formulated, including how to handle the tariffs on Chinese goods implemented under Trump, his administration has so far placed a stronger emphasis on democratic values and allegations of human rights abuses by China.

America's relationship with China will be competitive where it should be, collaborative where it can be, adversarial where it must be, he said. It is not just up to the American people, but also the people of the world to evaluate how the USA has done in advancing its own democracy, Yang, a former Chinese ambassador to the United States, said.

"My sense is that the administration is testing the question of whether it is possible to get real results from these dialogues", Zack Cooper, who researches China at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, said of the USA side.

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We have expressed our staunch opposition to such interference and we will take firm actions in response.

"We do not seek conflict, but we welcome stiff competition", he said. Top experts have warned that the U.S. and China are entering a new Cold War.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who also took part in the talks, said that China made it clear that sovereignty is a matter of principle and told the USA not to underestimate China's determination to defend it. "It is time for it to change", Wang said.

Kissinger spoke to the China Development Forum via a video that was recorded before this week's U.S.

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Yang responded sharply to the USA officials and criticized Washington for both domestic and foreign policy issues.

"It was the U.S. side that ... provoked the dispute in the first place, so the two sides had a strong smell of gunpowder and drama from the beginning in the opening remarks".

It also said that the two sides will hold talks to facilitate activities of each other's diplomatic and consular missions and personnel, as well as on issues related to media reporters in the spirit of reciprocity and mutual benefit.