Biden blasts Georgia elections law as ‘Jim Crow in the 21st Century’


That could be very much in play as Republicans deal with a likely gubernatorial race by 2018 Democratic nominee and national voting rights champion Stacey Abrams. Republicans said Georgia needed to restore the confidence of voters who believed President Donald Trump's baseless claims of widespread fraud. Later she tweeted that she had been released from jail.

"The irony of Kemp signing this bill - that makes it illegal to give water to voters waiting on the sometimes 10-hour lines that state policies create in mostly Black precincts - under the image of a brutal slave plantation is nearly too much to bear", Bunch wrote.

The state House had earlier voted 100-75 for approval, also along party lines.

But Harrison also acknowledged that the filibuster was an "an obstacle" for the national Democrats' efforts to overturn the Republican-backed changes.

But some civil rights activists argued that Biden is not doing enough beyond his impassioned rhetoric to ensure the passage of a federal voting protection law. It's worth noting that above and beyond the current bill's provisions, there's a tradition of Republican secretaries of state (most notably Kemp) using aggressive purges of voting rolls to target young and minority voters.

U.S. President Joe Biden talks to reporters as he arrives at New Castle Airport in New Castle, Delaware, March 26, 2021. "I'm talking about voters". Such a bill passed the Democratic-controlled House earlier this month but faces opposition from Senate Republicans.

At his first press conference since assuming office, Mr Biden, on Thursday, called the law "sick" and " un-American" and said he would do everything with allies in Congress to stop the law from moving forward.

As Kemp delivered his remarks he was interrupted by a commotion before a livestream of the event cut out.

A state police spokesman said Cannon knocked on the door to the public lobby of the governor's office, and then shifted to knocking on a door to a private area.

The four Republicans representing East Cobb in the Georgia House voted in favor of a bill on Thursday that would make sweeping changes to state elections laws.

Video shows Ms Cannon knocking on the governor's door in protest and then being handcuffed and escorted out of the building by two Georgia state troopers.

"My Plan Is To Run For Reelection" In 2024: Joe Biden
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She was booked in prison on charges of obstruction of law enforcement and preventing or disrupting General Assembly sessions or other meetings.

"Suppression is the lazy man's way of winning an election", she said.

It wasn't immediately known if Cannon had a lawyer who could comment.

-It limits the availability of drop-boxes for absentee ballots and strips the secretary of state of a good amount of authority over the election processes.

Democratic lawmakers who oppose the bill say it is based on lies told by Republicans that Joe Biden won the presidency through fraud. "Lies upon lies were told about our elections in response, and now this bill is before us built on those same lies".

Those victories brought refocused attention on racial strains in Georgia, with its history of slavery and segregation and where Black people have faced decades of attempts to repress their votes. That has raised alarms about potential greater partisan influence.

Republican lawmakers in other states are engaged in similar efforts to exert more control over election boards that are supposed to be nonpartisan, as the New York Times reported Wednesday.

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Republican Rep. Barry Fleming, a driving force in crafting the law, said that provision would only be a "temporary fix, so to speak, that ends and the control is turned back over to the locals after the problems are resolved".

Compresses the time period for voting in the runoff election. It also mandates there be two Saturdays of early voting from at least 9 5 p.m., with two optional days of Sunday voting. Max Burns said. "This is a solid step in the right direction to provide voter integrity in Georgia". When you've submitted your account email, we will send an email with a reset code.