U.S. bombs facilities in Syria used by Iran-backed militia


Officials have noted that in the past, Iranian-backed Shiite militia groups have been responsible for numerous rocket attacks that targeted USA personnel or facilities in Iraq.

The strike was reportedly "limited in scope" and in line with Biden's policy of appeasement of Iran.

Liebermann characterized the attack as the Biden White House "sending a message to those Iranian-backed militias", and highlighted the "relatively small scale" of the attack, reflecting a desire to not unduly escalate the situation as diplomatic negotiations regarding Iran's nuclear program restart.

In a statement on Thursday, Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby confirmed multiple structures belonging to the Iranian-backed Quds Force were destroyed in a USA airstrike.

"The operation sends an unambiguous message: President Biden will act to protect American and coalition personnel", Kirby said. Last week, per ABC, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the USA "reserves the right to respond in the time and manner of our choosing".

"These strikes were authorized in response to recent attacks against American and Coalition personnel in Iraq, and to ongoing threats to those personnel", it said, adding the strikes destroyed multiple facilities located at a border control point used by a number of Iranian-backed militant groups.

Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman, had said Tuesday that Iraq is in charge of investigating the February 15 attack.

It was not immediately clear what damage was caused and if there were any casualties from the USA strike.

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"Responses like this are a necessary deterrent and remind Iran, its proxies, and our adversaries around the world that attacks on United States interests will not be tolerated", McCaul said. Biden has agreed to European-led talks with Iran about the future of the 2015 worldwide nuclear deal that President Donald Trump renounced.

The U.S. under the previous Trump administration blamed Iran-backed groups for carrying out multiple attacks in Iraq.

In the February 15 attack, rockets hit the United States military base housed at Erbil International Airport in the Kurdish-run region killing one non-American contractor and injuring a number of American contractors and a USA service member.

On Monday, two rockets hit near the United States embassy in Baghdad, days after a volley hit an airbase further north where a U.S. military contractor is maintaining F-16 fighter-jets purchased from Washington.

A U.S. service member and five other contractors were injured when the rockets hit sites in Irbil, including a base used by the US-led coalition.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tex.), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee who has called for retaliatory strikes on Iranian-backed militias, welcomed the attack.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Monday the US holds Iran responsible for the recent attacks.

While the United States says it is still investigating rockets fired at Iraqi bases last week that house US personnel, they are suspected of having been carried out by Iranian proxy forces in a long-standing pattern of such attacks.