Tesla Model S Plaid, Genesis EV, Faraday Future comeback


Tesla says its new gaming computer has up to 10 teraflops of processing power.

But Tesla CEO Elon Musk has now announced that production for the Roadster isn't due to begin until "next year", so we're still a long ways off from being able to drive the $200,000 two-seater.

Meanwhile, the Model X SUV has also received powertrain upgrades.

The up to date Model S begins from $72,990 (~Rs 53,18,050) and is obtainable to order on Tesla's official website. Apple Inc. on Wednesday said profit in the most recent quarter rose 29%, with three-month sales topping $111 billion for the first time, aided by demand for laptops and iPad tablets in the work-from-home era. To start, there's a new digital instrument cluster, a huge 17-inch widescreen infotainment system with multi-device Bluetooth functionality, four wireless smartphone charging trays, and USB-C fast-charging ports.

Notably, it's not yet clear if Tesla's gaming machine will be playable while the vehicle is driving; it reportedly has only been confirmed that games are playable while the auto is stationary and parked.

On closer inspection, the two scroll wheels of the steering wheel are surrounded by what appear to be touch-sensitive buttons for the turn signals, high beam, horn, screen wash and voice control.

However, the biggest change on the inside has to be the new steering wheel that looks inspired by the aeroplanes.

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The Model S' superior range can be attributed to "updated battery architecture" as well as what Tesla claims to be "the lowest drag coefficient on earth".

Tesla detailed that it delivered 179,757 vehicles in the final quarter of 2020 and 509,737 vehicles in all of 2020.

There's no real difference in performance between the old Performance and new Plaid models, but for the Model S, there is a new Plaid+ coming later in the year that features the automaker's new battery cells that are part of the vehicle's structure.

Tesla has once again shaken the electric passenger vehicle market with the launch of the Model S and Model X Plaid.

Now we have refreshed, updated "Plaid" versions of each. These new batteries will give the Plaid+ a world-record range of 520 miles and 0-60 time of less than 1.99 seconds.

Finally, the Long Range variant produces a 670bhp and can reach from 0 to 100kmph in 3.1 seconds. While Musk indicated Tesla is making progress, the company is also juggling several other projects that are more consequential to its future, including the Cybertruck and Semi, as well as new factories in Germany and Texas.