Six Held After Famous Hollywood Sign Changed To 'Hollyboob'


On Monday, February 1, the iconic Hollywood sign, which is situated on Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains, was altered by pranksters to read "Hollyboob". They threw a big tarp of the letter "B", over the "W" and added a white dash to make the "D" appear as another "B". The group claimed to have done so as a way to spread a message of breast cancer awareness. But, since the LA Times story's publication, the truth-seekers at The Daily Mail have explained that the whole thing was actually model/influencer Julia Rose's "protest over censorship, after her Instagram account, with five million followers, was suspended this year for nudity".

The six arrestees will be charged with misdemeanor trespassing and released, Lurie told The Los Angeles Times.

After the accounts' removal, Rose and Tenney chose to try once more to get to the sign - and this time with a better plan.

Park rangers quickly took the covers off the sign's letters. "We just kind of went for it, knowing that we could get caught".

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Officers reportedly tracked the group, which consisted of six people, as they made their way down the hill to a location on Mulholland Drive and busted them.

"There's no vandalism, because the sign wasn't damaged", Lurie said. They said they hadn't hurt anyone and had received positive comments from people around the world who thought their efforts were hilarious, or who welcomed the focus on breast cancer.

Spokespeople for the Los Angeles Police Department did not immediately respond to NBC News requests for comment.