Saturday Night Live destroys Marjorie Taylor Greene in brutal cold open


During the Cold Open on Saturday (January 30), Cecily Strong impersonated Marjorie to discuss her stance on QAnon conspiracy theories, which she often promotes.

"So government doesn't work", McKinnon said.

During the cold open, a talk show hosted by Kate McKinnon about "things in America that still work", Krasinski made an appearance as former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. (She didn't mention Greene's enthusiastic support of the violent coup attempt by white supremacist terrorists on January 6 as stated in an interview with fellow white supremacist Katie Hopkins, but it's only a 9-minute sketch.) As McKinnon's shown throughout the last, blighted year of pandemic panic and political, um, panic, sometimes simply leaning into the madness is the only way to survive. "What are some of the theories you believe in?"

After Greene shuffled through a list of her beliefs, including that wildfires are caused by lasers from space that identify as Jewish, McKinnon asked, "You represent the U.S. People can Google you and it'll say she's a real member of the United States government?"

"That might not be the first thing that comes up, but yeah", Greene replied. McKinnon asked. The question arrived on the heels of GameStop's stock surge shaking Wall Street, and stories about the MA man who kicked off the whole phenomenon.

"It seems to have forced those people onto darker, scarier apps where their delusion and bloodlust can run wild", Dorsey allowed.

"My point is, you still work", McKinnon told Krasinski.

Moffat's socially awkward Zuckerberg chimed in with a dud: "Fundamentally, Facebook still works. Not only does it help form communities online, it has helped people meet and connect in real life, for example - at the Capitol", added Zuckerberg, who started to laugh maniacally and perform a dabbing motion with his arms.

Strong's Greene responded, "How much time you got?"

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McKinnon then moved on to the vaccine rollout, bringing out Kenan Thompson as O.J. Simpson - sporting an ankle monitor.

The next topic was the vaccine rollout, and to find out whether that is working, OJ Simpson joined the show.

"You're 43 years old, but you look 27", McKinnon said.

The last topic found that Tom Brady, played in the segment by John Krasinski, might be the only thing in America that was still working, but nearly no one was rooting for him.

"You might be the only thing in America that still works", McKinnon continued.

But even though he still worked by McKinnon's standards, Brady noted that nearly "no one" was rooting for him.

"So I guess everyone must be rooting for you, right?"

McKinnon said she'd be rooting for him because the country can still rely on him and "it's not like you're a weird Trump guy or anything, right?"

"Thanks for having me".