Rwanda Rolls Out Covid Vaccination to High-Risk Groups


The findings from the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group, published Friday on the government's website, build on preliminary research released January 21.

The highly contagious UK Covid-19 variant is between 30 to 70 per cent more deadly than the original strain of the virus, British scientists are warning.

Evidence continues to mount that the so-called United Kingdom variant is "likely" deadlier and results in more hospitalizations than non-variant COVID-19 cases, according to data released on a British government website.

"We should probably prepare for this being the predominant lineage in most places in the United States by March", she said.

Helen Walker, chief executive of Carers UK, said: "The Government, NHS and those administering the Covid-19 vaccines have made excellent progress in the last 10 weeks".

The Ontario government reported Sunday that all long-term care residents across the province had been "given an opportunity" for a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Russian COVID-19 vaccine is 91.6 percent effective in study
They also expect it, based on early experimental laboratory data, to have long-term immunity for as long as two years. By the end of the year, officials here intend to vaccinate 60 percent of the domestic population.

"These findings show that B.1.1.7 will likely become the dominant variant in many U.S. states by March 2021, leading to further surges of COVID-19 in the country, unless urgent mitigation efforts are immediately implemented", the paper said.

The report also noted several limitations to the data, including representativeness, power, potential biases in case ascertainment, unmeasured confounders, and secular trends.

"More recent analyses have added a wider range of data sets and been able to control for additional confounders, increasing confidence in the association of the [variant of concern] with increased disease severity", they wrote.

Indeed, the study "struggled to account for the presence of underlying illnesses in people infected with the new variant, and for whether the cases originated in nursing homes", according to the Times.

The cause of the elevated death rate observed by British scientists in the collection of studies utilized was not immediately clear. That study suggested that the variant could be connected with a 71 percent higher risk of dying. "They were very up front about how uncertain things were".