Russian COVID-19 vaccine is 91.6 percent effective in study


In older adults, the vaccination was also found to be equally safe and reliable.

On Jan. 11, Palestine approved the Russian Sputnik V vaccine for emergency use.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday, all vaccines "are welcome" in the European Union once they have received regulatory approval, adding that she had recently spoken to President Vladimir Putin about the Sputnik V jab.

López explained that Mexico has already signed the contract for the purchase of this vaccine.

The Lancet report said that during the September to November trial across 25 hospitals and polyclinics in Moscow, "no serious adverse events were deemed to be associated with vaccination".

"Kazakhstan has made the right strategic choice in producing Russia's Sputnik V vaccine on its territory". By the end of the year, officials here intend to vaccinate 60 percent of the domestic population.

The vaccine will also be distributed (or is already distributed) to several countries: Argentina, Venezuela, Hungary, UAE, Iran, and Palestinian territories. A tribute to the world's first satellite, launched by the Soviet Union in 1957, Sputnik V recalls a scientific feat for Russian Federation and a historic setback for its rival the United States. Moscow has issued orders or expressions of interest for 2.4 billion doses, including Brazil, Mexico, and India.

British pol says European Union 'made a mistake' over COVID-19 vaccines
Mr Martin said the move to trigger Article 16 initially was "certainly not" an act of hostility by the European Commission. Mr Martin said the construction sector would reopen once Covid-19 cases drop below 1,000 each day.

"But the outcome reported here is clear", British scientists Ian Jones and Polly Roy wrote about the study.

The strong results from a clinical trial in Russian Federation, published by the British medical journal The Lancet, indicate that another safe and effective vaccine is joining the world's arsenal against the virus.

"To what extent this is the case with Sputnik V is now up to the regulators to examine". They also expect it, based on early experimental laboratory data, to have long-term immunity for as long as two years.

The preliminary findings are based on analysis of data from almost 20,000 participants, three-quarters of whom received the vaccine and one quarter received a placebo.

Speaking about the vaccine and how it helps the Covid-19 patients, the researchers said that the Gam-COVID-Vac, called Sputnik V, is a two-part vaccine that includes two adenovirus vectors - recombinant human adenovirus type 26 (rAd26-S) and recombinant human adenovirus type 5 (rAd5-S). The clinical experiment is ongoing, with 40,000 participants in total.

On adverse reactions, he said, "Adverse reactions were minimal, 94 percent of them were very light and insignificant and there were no adverse effects related to the vaccine". The Lancet has now said the Sputnik V vaccine is 92% effective...