Privacy Insight: WhatsApp Vs Signal Vs Telegram


WhatsApp has said its policies are in line with "applicable" privacy laws.

Following backlash, the Facebook-owned messaging platform pushed the deadline for users to accept the policy in India from February 8 to May 15, 2021. Mere 13 percent of citizens said they will not use payments, but may use business chats.

According to app analytics firm Sensor Tower, Signal recorded 26.4 million downloads from India between January 4 and 17, while Telegram had recorded 9.1 million downloads. Instead, its new policy only affects businesses, and it in fact expands the ability for small businesses on WhatsApp to share certain prior-agreed data with Facebook to expand the scope of business.

This new policy created a huge impact on the world. "As WhatsApp eventually moves into a much closer integration with the Facebook ecosystem from hereon, it risks an erosion in brand trust and brand loyalty - both key determinants for enduring competitive market advantage". Even many users have deleted their WhatsApp account.

On their FAQ page, they have answered some of the questions regarding user's concerns. The in-app feature reminds users about the platform's commitment to the privacy of users. Though a lot of users migrated from WhatsApp, they still have many important chats on their accounts.

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Whether stored in the cloud or not, these backups are not protected by WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption. However, upon selecting Telegram, the users would get the option to select the contact that they want to map the chat with.

The other messaging platform he was talking about was Signal. WhatsApp rushed to reassure users that Facebook wouldn't read their messages, but by that point the damage was already done. Which will save your phone storage space.

From the telegram side, upon receiving the ZIP file you will be instructed to select the contact you want to add the chat too, the massages will sync for both you and your contact.

After this incident, everyone is in process of uninstalling WhatsApp and looking for alternatives. It has almost 350 million active users in the country. The sound now disappears and appears when you stop and start playing.

WhatsApp in mid-January chose to delay its privacy policy update due to confusion about what the update meant. That they are not compromising on things when it comes to security. He was interested in learning about how aapoon ( would let them set up a structured organization for social media communications, and use just a handful of personnel to manage their aapoon groups.