Manhattan prosecutor gets Trump tax records after long fight


O'Brien also underscored that the investigation implicates at least Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump, and "it also targets people inside the Trump Organization who might flip on Trump if they're exposed to criminal liability", but "the brass ring in all of this is that if Trump has a criminal conviction, he can not run for president again, and that's looming over this entire thing as well".

Vance said previous year the former president has "had multiple opportunities for review of his constitutional and state law claims, and at this juncture, he provides no grounds for further delay", adding, "His request for extraordinary relief should be denied, and the grand jury permitted to do its work".

Prosecutors from the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.'s office are in possession of former President Donald Trump's tax records following his lawyers' failed Supreme Court push to keep them private, a spokesman for the office confirmed Thursday. Supreme Court ruling, he will soon have them.

Those would include communications showing how the raw data was analysed and treated in the preparation of the records.

Trump's taxes will be handed over to prosecutors.

He's also being sued by the former tenants of apartments his family once owned, and by people who say they saw little to no profit after joining a multilevel marketing organization touted by Trump and his children.

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Cuomo said on Monday that the whole situation has been politicized, but did call the reluctance to release the numbers "a mistake".

The scope of the investigation is unclear, but the office hinted in a September court filing that Trump could be investigated for tax fraud.

The appeals panel's decision came shortly after the New York Times began publishing a damning series of reports based on over two decades of Trump's tax documents obtained by the newspaper. Data in the returns could be essential in analyzing whether any of those maneuvers crossed legal lines. The Trump tax documents run into the millions of pages, a source told ABC News. Trump benefited from a similar conservation donation in California. He cooperated extensively with both probes, and in his congressional testimony, Cohen said the United States attorney's office was investigating "wrongdoing or illegal acts" involving Trump that had not yet been revealed at the time. The Associated Press reported last month that Vance's office recently interviewed Cohen for hours, asking him, among other things, about Trump's relationship with Deutsche Bank, his biggest and longest standing creditor.

One Washington Post story cited by prosecutors detailed how various Trump Organization financial disclosures inflated the number of home lots for sale at a California golf course, the acreage at one of his vineyards and the number of stories in Trump Tower while excluding information about debts at his Chicago and Las Vegas hotel projects.

"They're going to look at valuations and property values", Citron said of state prosecutors.

"Our office obtained the records on Monday", the spokesman said. The documents are protected by grand jury secrecy rules and are not expected to be made public. No formal charges have been filed in the case.

"Even then, I'm sure there will be tons of litigation about that", Citron said.