Kushner, Berkowitz nominated for Nobel peace prize for Israel deals


According to rules, nominations could be submitted by members of national governments, parliaments, worldwide institutions, former Nobel Peace Prize laureates and other politics-related actors.

Snopes attempted to reach Eide for an interview about his decision to nominate Black Lives Matter, and we have not heard back.

The movement grew massively previous year following the killing of George Floyd.

Also on the list is Aminatou Haidar, for her peaceful campaigning towards an independent Western Sahara, the International Space Station and the International Scout Movement.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

The Foundation, organizers said, received the honour for promoting "peaceful civil disobedience against police brutality and racial violence" worldwide, with 20 million counted as having taken part in protests in the usa and millions more around the world a year ago.

"According to the Nobel Peace committee, if you're not [Donald] Trump and you're not Bush you may deserve an award more than if you've done great things to bring about peace", he said.

They added, "We're only getting started".

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If the BLM were awarded the honor of the Nobel peace prize, it wouldn't be the first time the organization received recognition.

He said: "Studies have shown that most of the demonstrations organised by Black Lives Matter have been peaceful".

"This is for the activists who are not full-time activists". It's for the people who had love in their hearts and fought for a cause, "Newsome told ABC News on Sunday".

Supporters of the movement were ecstatic and shared the news on social media platforms hoping for a more profound changes to take place regarding the movement's future. "This is about people who are seeking Black liberation, coming out of their comfort zones and speaking truth to power".

"I'd like to personally welcome him to the club, because we receive death threats every day", Newsome said. Former South African President Nelson Mandela and female education activist Malala Yousafzai are among other winners.

The Nobel Peace Prize 2020 was awarded to the World Food Programme (WFP).

"[Awarding the group] will send a powerful message that peace is founded on equality, solidarity, and human rights - and that all countries must respect those basic principles", the Guardian reported.