Instagram working on TikTok-like vertical Stories feed


Currently, users can view Instagram Stories by swiping through them horizontally. We checked whether users can share their feed posts in their story and the feature is still working in India.

Don't rejoice too quickly, though: Instagram is now testing this limitation in select markets.

However annoying this situation may be, it's worth noting that sharing posts to stories is how many artists, businesses, and organizations get in front of users, due to Instagram's algorithm favoring friends and family.

The vertical stories feed is now being built and has not been rolled out to the public yet. Even Snapchat is borrowing ideas from TikTok.

As per a tweet by social media consultant Matt Navarra, the Facebook-owned company announced via a notification banner saying "Testing a Change to Sharing to Stories".

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Swipe up and down to browse stories. The platform launched Reels a year ago soon after TikTok was banned in India. Reels is at the top position of the Instagram Explore page; clicking on Reels will take the user is taken to a new user interface where they can vertically swipe through videos.

This doesn't feel right, and the launch of the new format has added to Instagram's clutter. This would be another significant change to the platform, as stories has become the major way people share content from other users in their profiles.

Many people browse Instagram from their desktops while at work, as it might be prohibitive or too visual to take out their smartphone. The social network could just be looking to transition another part of its app to the more modern vertical feed, as the demand for the traditional Stories format declines.

If Instagram does decide to unveil its "Vertical Stories" feature, it would mean an eventual combination of both Reels and Stories videos.

While his comments were focused on the confusion between Instagram's normal video posts and IGTV, there's also significant overlap between Instagram's Stories' vertical video content and Reels.