Golden Trump statue drawing crowd at CPAC conference was made in Mexico


When Baier asked what McConnell thought about Trump speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlandothis weekend, the GOP leader said he had no opinion on Trump's attendance or his speech.

The former North Carolina Rep. made an appearance on Fox News" "Hannity' on Thursday, February 25, night, discussing the 45th POTUS' upcoming CPAC speech this weekend with host Sean Hannity. He has reportedly reiterated claims of widespread voter fraud that helped Democrats "steal" the election.

"We are in uncharted territory because no other former one-term presidents in modern times have ever had as large a post-election following", said the senior adviser, who requested anonymity to speak frankly.

The outrageous sculpture, which is more than 6-feet-tall, went viral when video was shared of it being wheeled through the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday.

Zegan said his artwork contained several symbolic elements that represent President Trump's achievements, from being a successful businessman to one of the main faces of the Republican Party.

The conference gives Trump an opportunity to broadcast his message to the Republican Party, a task that has become more hard to do since his medium of choice, Twitter, suspended his account following the Capitol siege.

Shooting at Myanmar anti-coup protest injures at least six people
Since the shooting, Mya Thweh Thweh Khine has become a symbol of the protests, which have intensified over the past two weeks. She is under house arrest, accused of possessing illegal walkie-talkies and violating the country's Natural Disaster Law.

While he didn't outright say it, during his remarks at CPAC Saturday, Grenell heavily implied he would run and suggested he would run in the 2022 general election if Newsom wasn't recalled. But, "Kevin McCarthy is not one of those".

Although Trump's defense was able to prevent two-thirds of the chamber from finding him guilty of inciting the mob that overran the Capitol on January 6, seven Republicans joined all the Democratic senators in voting to convict the former president. In the weeks since, she has continued to express her hope that the party moves on from Mr. Trump.

"And he has to apologize to that before he gets me back".

"Having chosen the progressive route, [Biden] certainly made it a lot easier for me to unify my members in the opposition", McConnell said. Former Ambassador Richard Grenell, who served as acting director of national intelligence in the Trump administration, is reportedly laying the groundwork for a gubernatorial bid if the effort to recall Newsom is successful, according to Politico.

Rivera and Trump's friendship goes back decades, and he used to be an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of him in the Oval Office. Mr. Trump on Sunday is likely to tout his administration's "Operation Warp Speed", which provided government funding for the private-sector development of COVID-19 vaccines now being produced and distributed around the world.