Apple launches Google Chrome extension for iCloud Passwords


According to The 8-Bit notes, the Chrome Extension that allowed the iCloud version for Windows to sync passwords is still available on the Chrome Web Store, at least for now. The extension, called iCloud Passwords, is now available on the Chrome Web Store, and it will let you easily access all your saved passwords on Windows devices.

With a size of just 154 KB, the extension is very small and should not slow down the browser at all.

On Monday, Apple released an update for iCloud for Windows bringing it to version 12, an update which also introduced support for iCloud Passwords for Windows. But if you save your passwords to Keychain, and then upload that to iCloud to sync with your Apple devices, you'll now be able to extend that functionality to Windows systems. Meanwhile, as Windows users create new credentials, these, too, will be synced to their iCloud Keychain so they can later be pulled up on Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices, when needed. As such, the Cupertino-based company has now released an official extension for the Windows and Mac versions of Google Chrome.

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Click the iCloud Passwords button in Chrome's menu bar. But while Apple will automatically fill in the account details (after a quick scan of your fingertip or face to verify your identity) when visiting a website on an iPhone or iPad ...things get a little more complicated when using non-Apple products. Other than that, working with the iCloud Passwords extension is as easy as any other password manager; you shouldn't have issues there.

Because iCloud Passwords is a Chrome extension, it's available wherever you can access a desktop version of Chrome.

Apple's iCloud Keychain is built into all of its devices for free.