USA: Donald Trump pledged to support Republicans in the congressional elections


Democrats now have a majority in both houses of Congress, but a slim majority.

The former president has been nearly silent after leaving office.

"It's just really hard to speculate about failure", he said.

We are so glad you are with us.

Trump won 70 per cent of the vote in November: the state is a longtime Republican stronghold, and voted Democratic just once since 1952 - the 1964 landslide victory of Lyndon Johnson over Barry Goldwater.

McCarthy, an ally who encouraged Trump s baseless election fraud claims, distanced himself from the outgoing president after Trump was accused of inspiring his supporters to storm the US Capitol earlier this month. Debbie Stabenow of MI, a member of party leadership. But she said "it's more important to look at the 45 that said this is ridiculous".

A few Democrats are now seeking a a rapid-fire impeachment trail, as they also begin work on President Biden's new COVID-19 relief and stimulus plan. The goal would be passage by March, when jobless benefits, housing assistance and other aid is set to expire.

On Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent the article of impeachment against Trump to the US Senate. Susan Collins of ME, who is leading the bipartisan effort with Sen.

But senior White House officials moved quickly on Thursday to shoot down the idea of a split approach. "Those aren't partisan issues".

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On Thursday, more than 120 economists and policymakers signed a letter in support of Biden's package, saying the $900 billion that Congress approved in December before he took office was "too little and too late to address the enormity of the deteriorating situation". But as yet it has resisted calls to embrace a smaller package that might be more likely to earn GOP backing.

An overwhelming majority of the caucus voted against impeachment and an effort to oust Cheney from her position as House GOP Conference chair has gained steam, though it doesn't have support from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) or House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.). The reality hit home when 80-year-old Sen. After the vote, he declared "the impeachment trial is dead on arrival".

The Obama administration and a Democratic-held Congress swiftly proposed the almost $800 billion American Recovery and Relief Act. It said they focused on how Republicans can win the seven seats needed in next year's midterm elections to retake the House, according to an account of the meeting provided by the Save America PAC.

GOP leaders condemned him for helping incite the riots that threatened their lives and ended five others. He was the one thing that united Republicans more than anything.

"Nobody thinks our bipartisan work fighting this pandemic is completely finished", McConnell said this week.

"There is no time for any delays", Biden said on Friday.

"Literally, the money has not gone out the door", he said.

Democrats appear willing to negotiate but unwilling to spend precious political capital waiting to broker deals with Republicans that may or may not happen. Because of Senate rules, legislation usually requires 60 votes to pass the chamber.

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