Trump veto overridden by Senate


Trump's emergency declaration to obtain funding for the Mexican border wall, puts at least a temporary hold on plans to draw down more troops in Afghanistan, Germany and South Korea, and orders a Government Accountability Office study of US backing for Saudi Arabia in Yemen's civil war.

Iranian-supported Shiite militia groups launched a rocket attack on the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad on December 20.

Sitting president Donald Trump has refused to concede to Joe Biden, who, according to the popular and Electoral College vote, has won the 2020 White House race.

"It's hard to keep track of President Trump's unprincipled, irrational excuses for vetoing this bipartisan bill", Reed said in a statement. He added, "We hear chatter of additional attacks against Americans in Iraq". "It's a real shame President Trump failed to put forward a strategy to do so over the last four years".

Former Attorney General William Barr and other administration officials have said they saw no evidence of fraud on a scale massive enough to have changed the outcome of the election.

Mr Trump had called the result, which was expected, a "disgraceful act of cowardice" and the Republican leadership in Congress "weak".

GOP Representative Mo Brooks is leading the initiative to object the certification of the election results in Congress. Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville has said that he mulls the possibility to support the move, and Senator Josh Hawley announced on Thursday that he will be objecting the certification.

The GOP objections, however, will not prevent Biden from being sworn in as president on January 20, and Sen.

"It's a complicated thing, the majority of Americans don't know what that is about". Kamala Harris, D-Calif., a Black woman of South Asian descent, from becoming vice president.

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During his vacation, Trump also took near daily swipes on Twitter at Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and other state elections officials over his loss to Biden in that state.

Since losing the election, the usually chatty Trump has avoided engaging with reporters, even those who accompanied him to Florida.

In his four years in the White House, Mr.

Trump eventually signed the bill Sunday night after several days of uncertainty in exchange for congressional votes on his demands.

Trump had threatened to veto the defence bill, which includes pay raises for America's soldiers and modernizations for equipment, because it doesn't include a repeal of Section 230, a law that shields internet companies from being liable for what is posted on their websites by them or third parties.

Hawley is calling on Congress to launch a full investigation of potential fraud and election irregularities and enact election integrity measures. Bernie Sanders of Vermont pushed, without success, for a Senate vote on $2,000 stimulus checks Friday as the clock winds down on the 116th Congress.

Democrats in both chambers had slammed Trump's veto.

In 2019, lawmakers made two attempts to override a Trump veto, one over the U.S.' support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen and the other over construction of the southern border wall. Trump is returning to Washington after visiting his Mar-a-Lago resort.