Trudeau announces suspended flights, mandatory three day hotel quarantine for travellers


The government will also require entrants to Canada to quarantine in a hotel on arrival, costing them more than $2,000, Trudeau says. According to Trudeau, the cost for this is "expected to be more than $2,000".

If the test is negative, travelers will then be able to complete their two-week quarantine at their homes "but with increased surveillance measures", he said.

He also states that he's "Very concerned these rules will stay on the books a long time without review should the situation improve".

Trudeau said they hope to have testing and quarantine functions up and running in the next several weeks. "By putting in place these tough measures now, we can look forward to a better time when we can all plan those vacations".

3, all commercial global flights can only land at four airports: Montréal-Trudeau worldwide Airport, Toronto Pearson global Airport, Calgary worldwide Airport, and Vancouver worldwide Airport.

Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc said the new quarantine and testing program will complement and reinforce measures that provinces such as Ontario had already indicated were underway. "That's why we need to take extra measures".

Canada already requires those entering the country to self-isolate for 14 days and to present a negative Covid-19 test taken within three days before arrival. Most permitted travel is exclusively reserved for Canadian citizens and permanent residents only.

The third COVID-19 test on day 10 isn't just for those whose post-travel test came back negative.

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Trudeau says they are also introducing mandatory PCR testing at airports for people returning to Canada.

Other countries including Australia and New Zealand have been using hotel isolation periods for the entire length of the pandemic.

The article stated: "The airlines will be making arrangements with customers now travelling in the affected regions to organise their return flights" quoting Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Projections have shown that the variant first identified in the United Kingdom will be the dominant strain of COVID-19 in parts of Canada by March.

"The government asked, and we agreed", a statement from Ed Sims, WestJet President and CEO reads.

Ford said COVID-19 tests will be imposed on all incoming worldwide travellers while public health labs will ramp up capacity to screen all positive tests for known variants within two to three days of initial processing, starting Wednesday.

The suspensions will last until April 30.

"We trust the federal government's efforts to monitor and follow up with these travellers will be vigilant". However, flights have still been arriving into Canada with passengers carrying the virus and investigations have shown that people have not been isolating when they return home. "Through consultation we have established an approach that will allow us to achieve an orderly reduction in service to these destinations that minimizes the impact on our customers and will support important public health goals to manage COVID-19".