Tesla reveals refreshed Model S with unprecedented performance figures, new interior


Musk added that the "tri-motor drive system & advanced battery work were important precursors", seemingly referring to the recently-revealed powertrain for Plaid high-performance versions of the newly redesigned Model S and Model X. At the same time, vehicle average selling price (ASP) declined by 11% YoY as our product mix continued to shift from Model S and Model X to the more affordable Model 3 and Model Y. Besides these alluring add-ons, the refreshed Model S also packs in USB Type-C fast charging ports, 22-speaker sound system, three-zone automatic climate control, and ventless AC system. Gear selections can apparently be made using the touchscreen if the auto doesn't automatically choose the right one.

The company is showcasing the new system in the promotion materials with the display showing the cover of Witcher 3. First seen in the Roadster concept, the steering wheel looks like a regular flat-bottom three-spoke item with the top missing.

The Tesla Model S was updated with a totally new interior on Wednesday, and the most radical change is the new yoke-style steering "wheel".

The steering wheel image on Tesla's website shows what seem to be turn signal buttons on the left side of the steering wheel. The electric vehicles also lack a traditional gear shifter. If this sounds like a disgusting feature to you, you'll be happy to hear that you can manually shift gears through the touchscreen.

Another value addition on the Model S is a third display screen for the rear passengers which is positioned below the centre armrest. It can even be used to play videogames with wireless controllers.

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Lastly, there are new trim levels.

The range-topping Model S Plaid+ packs more than 1,100bhp, and has a claimed range of 520 miles - more than any other EV now on sale, and almost double that of other sporty pure-electrics such as the Porsche Taycan.

Tesla began taking reservations for the noteworthy electric supercar with a 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds and more than 600 miles of reach at the divulging event. The next step up is the Plaid that costs $121,190. "This is a luxury sedan that is able to go 0 to 60 in less than two seconds".

Elon Musk claims that the new Model S can reach from zero to 60 miles per hour (97 km/hr) in under 2 seconds.

Musk's comments regarding a Tesla van are timely, as electric vans and other light-duty trucks are expected to be in high demand in the U.S due to the Biden Administration's Buy America plan, through which he aims to replace the federal government's fleet of internal combustion engine vehicles with cleaner, quieter electrics. The first is a Long Range variant, which carries a USD79,990 (RM323,800) price tag, features a dual motor all-wheel drive platform that outputs 670hp.