Parler`s website is back online after finding new host


"We believe privacy is paramount and free speech essential, especially on social media", it reads.

According to CNN, Parler is now hosted by Epik, which supports Gab, 8chan, which are popular among far-right groups due to their lax moderation standards.

According to a CNN report, Parler's domain is now registered with Epik.

Amazon is just the latest company that has taken steps to de-platform the social media site.

A WHOIS search indicates that Parler is now hosted by Epik. The app is still unavailable for download on both platforms. Conservative commentator Dan Bongino also said in June he was taking an ownership stake in the company, which is based near Las Vegas in Nevada.

Parler, which has maintained that its deplatforming was meant to stamp out competition, filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Amazon last week, seeking to get its website restored.

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Last week, Parler asked a federal court in Washington state to block Amazon's decision, while maintaining that Amazon engaged in monopolistic practices by booting the platform. The organisation has filed a lawsuit in a northern California district court and claims that Telegram violates Apple's app store rules by allowing the publication of this kind of content. Both Twitter and Facebook have banned President Donald Trump after the deadly Capitol riot, citing the risk of further violence.

"Matzi himself, as the CEO of AWS continues to tarnish his reputation, has been forced to leave his home and go into hiding with his family after receiving death threats and invasive personal security breaches", the recording continued.

Parler Chief Executive John Matze has said the company "does not condone or accept violence" on its platform.

In response, Cook said that they've only suspended Parler from the App Store, and that if their content moderation policies are updated, it can return to the marketplace.

The filing came as part of Parler's anti-trust lawsuit against Amazon, and sough to seal parts of the suit as a safety measure. Some of the Pro-Trump rioters who descended on the US Capitol on January 6, fueled by baseless allegations of voter fraud, had been planning the event and spreading misinformation about the presidential election on Parler.