Nepal ranks 117th in global Corruption Perceptions Index


Although this is a government ready to learn from mistakes and make corrections, the economy of this country, in its fullness, is bigger than the sea ports we have. He said if you take the data sources out, you will find outdated data has been used to calculate Pakistan's rating.

"Transparency International's global recommendations - strengthening oversight institutions, ensuring open and transparent contracting, promoting civic space and ensuring access to information - are especially relevant for Australia", Lillywhite said.

The statement read, "In the coming days, the Government's Technical Unit on Governance Research will be providing more detailed information on the sources of the TI data". Of the eight countries in South Asia, Bangladesh is ahead of only war-torn Afghanistan, meaning Bangladesh ranks second in South Asia. The index relies on indicators provided by the World Bank, World Economic Forum, International Institute for Management Development (IMD), and the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) among other prestigious international institutions. All the remaining publications were published in 2020.

Malta ranks at the 53 place significantly decreasing its Corruption Perception Index according to the Transparency International report.

Transparency International 2020 Corruption Perceptions Index.

Meanwhile, opposition leaders were quick to criticise the PTI-led government shortly after it was revealed that Pakistan's ranking on a global corruption index fell four places. Transparent budget spending is also particularly hard to enforce during a pandemic, it said.

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Eindhoven mayor John Jorritsma told reporters that if the country continued "down this path, then I think we are heading for civil war".

However, he said, the current government's commitment to continue with the agenda to fight corruption including the implementation of corporate liability law effective June 1, 2020 and the commitment to continue with the National Anti-Corruption Plan (NACP) initiated by the previous government, were worthy of praise. The 2019 CPI placed Maldives in the 130th position with 29 points. "Our research shows corruption not only undermines the global health response to COVID-19, but also contributes to a continuing crisis of democracy". "But even those at the top of the CPI must urgently address their role in perpetuating corruption", she added. A score of 100 in the index indicates that it is very clean and zero point indicates that it is very corrupt. Denmark and New Zealand lead the index.

The lowest-ranked countries are South Sudan and Somalia, with scores of 12 each, followed by Syria with a score of 14 and Yemen and Venezuela with a score of 15. But it is petty corruption that hurts common people more. Clean public sectors correlate with greater investment in healthcare.

It noted that Uruguay, which has the highest CPI score in Latin America (71), invests heavily in health care and has a robust epidemiological surveillance system. These include Philippines (34), where the response to Covid-19 has been characterised by major attacks on human rights and media freedom.

Greece again improved its score, from 48 to 50, and its rank, from 60th to 59th place.

According to the CPI, it's fallen in rank due to "alleged conflicts of interest and abuse of office at the highest level".