MyPillow CEO Visits Trump in Oval Office Carrying Mysterious Notes


My Pillow CEO Michael Lindell is seen outside the door of the West Wing at the White House with his notes.

Lindell's notes were captured by Washington Post photographer, Jabin Botsford from a distance and half the page was not visible as it was folded lengthwise in left hand, which was also holding his cell phone.

The paper also included a line reading "move Kash Patel to CIA Acting", a seeming suggestion for President Donald Trump to fire CIA Director Gina Haspel and move Patel, a Trump loyalist recently installed at the Pentagon amid a purge of senior civilian officials, to fill the role.

"...nsurrection Act now as a result of the assault on the... martial law if necessary upon the first hint of any..."

The document appears to mention martial law.

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It appears that one of those meetings was discussing drastic national security measures with Trump ally MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Per The Washington Post, the scheduling of the meeting itself may have simply been to humor Lindell, especially due to his status as a Republican donor and fervent Trump devotee. (Lindell acquired a financial stake in the company that produces the product shortly before pushing it to the president.) Trump even invited Lindell to speak during a coronavirus task force briefing from the White House Rose Garden. But he said he was just a "messenger" for an attorney which he didn't name. Per Dawsey, the MyPillow founder "said he met with Trump for 5-10 minutes and then was referred to counsel's office", and Lindell said the lawyers were "disinterested, very disinterested" in what he had to say. The meeting was scheduled for Thursday.

One line reads, "Move Kash Patel to Central Intelligence Agency acting", previewing more personnel changes Trump could push.

The images of the notes come after sleep-aids seller Lindell deleted calls for the president to "impose martial law" on states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Minnesota and Pennsylvania from his timeline.

"I'm sure you'll write something nice", he told the reporters.