Kamala Harris says she hopes to avoid tie-breaking votes


AP says Harris is not expected to give a farewell speech on the Senate floor, purportedly because the legislative chamber is not expected to reconvene until 19 January, the day before Inauguration Day.

Harris, who was also the first Black woman to serve as a senator for the Golden State, won her seat in November 2016 and was sworn in January 2017.

United States vice-president-elect Kamala Harris will resign her Senate seat two days before she and president-elect Joe Biden are inaugurated, making way for California's first Latino senator. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

In her introductory address, Persaud hoped that Harris, "the US' first Black Caribbean American vice-president, makes it possible for the Caribbean region to take its rightful place as a strong partner with these United States".

Members of the Diaspora also heaped accolades on the former California attorney general.

Ms Harris was just the second black woman senator, winning her California election 17 years after Democrat Carol Moseley Braun finished a single term representing the state of IL. The incoming vice president has spoken to Padilla before he is sworn into the Senate, according to a person with knowledge of the discussion.

China says it will sanction USA officials for 'nasty' behavior on Taiwan
Hua stressed that there is only one China in the world, and the HKSAR and the Taiwan region all belong to China. Experts have warned that Taiwan will remain a contentious issue in the bilateral ties between the US and China.

On Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, the first woman of colour to serve on the high court, will reportedly administer the oath of office to Harris. "Because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities".

In an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle, Harris made note of the fact that she will continue to have a role in the Senate.

The Vice President-elect recalled the date fondly stating she had a good time on the date and looked forward to the text she received from Emhoff after the date. "I intend to work tirelessly as your vice president, including, if necessary, fulfilling this constitutional duty", she wrote.

After being sworn in as vice president, Harris will be just a heartbeat away from the presidency if anything happens to 78-year-old Biden.

At the same time, Harris said the USA is on a path to heal and rebuild because of the work of the Caribbean and others.