Google Pay Adds Rewards And Group Payments In Massive Update


It has not come here yet. Payments are made via a consumer's existing Google Pay account; no additional application download or separate account is required.

Explore is where users can find deals and discounts. With hygiene becoming a high priority for many people, we want to make sure that we continue to deliver innovative solutions for touch-free payments. According to Google, any data collected may not be used to sell to third parties or share with other parts of Google for targeted advertising purposes. And if you connect the app to your bank account, Google Pay will give you a clearer view of your finances with spending summaries, trends, and insights over time. For instance, some new features, like the ability to automatically import receipts from Gmail and Google Photos, are turned off at the onset. Select the "Bill Payments" option. This is often useful in situations where the home and restaurant bill separates. "As more people get back on the road, we're offering a variety of ways to pay at the pump while reducing contact, and ultimately providing a better fueling experience". "You can get cashback when you pay or refer friends, shop at your favorite brands, and more".

The service is not available directly but can be accessed through partner financial institutions' "wallet" applications. It is now only compatible with eleven financial institutions in the United States. For example, the Pay tab allows users to split a lunch check like they would with Venmo, but unlike Venmo's social emphasis, all Google Pay payments are private.

You can read the original story below. It uses the new Google Pay app and Sengupta said a number of employees have been using Plex accounts by Citi and the Stanford Federal Credit Union since the company started this project a year ago. Google has said that it planning to roll out the service to other countries soon.

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"We are excited that six new banks have signed up to offer digital checking and savings". PLEX will live inside Google Pay and is the first-ever dedicated bank account facility offered by Google.

Google is getting deeper into mobile banking with the arrival of an array of new features, including embedded checking accounts, in Google Pay. The in August, eight US banks announced they would be partnering with Google to make this a reality.

The announcement itself will be happening at 4:27 am AEDT on Thursday morning. It is 3:57 AM ACDT, 3:27 am AEST, 2:57 am ACST and 1:27 am AWST.

Google scheduled a time today to announce a new Google Pay app, but the company has already posted the new app to Google Play, revealing a ton of details early. It starts in the U.S. and comes to Android and iOS. " Reads Google's YouTube channel".