Google is investigating the actions of another top AI ethicist


Nonetheless, that worker, Margaret Mitchell, is now being investigated by Google.

Days before her departure, Gebru sent an internal memo to her colleagues detailing how the higher-ups at Google tried to dismiss her research.

The union, which is made up of around 700 of Google's some 100,000 employees in the USA and Canada, hit out after the tech giant confirmed it had suspended the corporate account of Margaret Mitchell, a lead on its ethical AI team, on Wednesday.

Mitchell has not been fired, but is locked out of her account.

Gebru said that Mitchell was sacked in retaliation for an email that was sent to colleagues that reportedly criticized the Big G's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion operation.

Google has locked the corporate employee account of ethical AI team leader Margaret Mitchell, and is investigating her activity, according to Bloomberg.

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"Our security systems automatically close the employee's company account when they discover that the account is at risk of being hacked due to accreditation issues or when an automated rule is launched that includes handling sensitive data", she said.

Now the Alphabet Workers Union, which went public earlier this month, has hit out at the decision to suspend Mitchell, branding the move an "attack on the people who are trying to make Google's technology more ethical".

"Many members of the Ethical AI team are AWU members and the membership of our union recognizes the crucial work that they do and stands in solidarity with them". They also said that the union would provide a platform for workers to speak out against discriminatory work practices at Google, and how the firm handles issues like online hate speech. Almost 2,700 Googlers have signed an open letter in support of Gebru. Google employees Formed a union Shortly thereafter.

Jeff Dean, the Google executive, posted on Twitter that Mitchell had resigned over conditions that Google requested before publishing a research paper she co-authored on massive language models.

Google's diversity efforts have been called into question by employees and add to years of anguish, including several resignations and layoffs in the AI department, raising doubts that the efforts of Google company to minimize the potential damage of its services are sufficient. Mitchell's suspension will escalate the growing tensions between the Google management and the employees. On Tuesday, Mitchell criticized the upcoming meeting of Google CEO Sundar Pichai with leaders of historically black colleges and universities.