USA nurse contracts COVID-19 after receiving Pfizer's vaccine


"Though this is just the beginning, we will start to get ahead of the pandemic, protect health and economies when the vulnerable are vaccinated everywhere, as many as possible as soon possible", Andrew Pollard, professor and chief investigator of the Oxford vaccine trial, said in a statement.

But pharmaceutical giant Pfizer said that it only assessed its vaccine on a two-dose regimen whereby people were given the jab three weeks apart.

Taiwan has agreed to buy nearly 20 million doses of vaccine, including 10 million from AstraZeneca, the government said, adding it had confirmed the island's first case of the new British variant of the disease.

Meanwhile, the USA continues to stumble through the pandemic as thousands die every day.

Ramers, who serves on the clinical advisory panel for the US' vaccine rollout, said, "It is possible that Matthew was infected before receiving the vaccine, as the incubation period may be as much as two weeks".

President-elect Joe Biden criticized the Trump administration's speed in distributing the vaccine and vowed he would increase the pace.

The UK development signals that it will not be long before India gets its first vaccine shot.

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Pregnancy and women who are breastfeeding - the vaccine should only be considered for use in pregnancy when the potential benefits outweigh any potential risks for the mother and baby. Unlike other vaccines, it can be stored in refrigerators rather than ultra-cold storage units.

The government has already given first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to more than 600,000 Britons.

"The availability of large numbers of doses both in the United Kingdom and, via various funding mechanisms, for lower-income countries is of enormous importance", Evans said.

The vaccine was developed using more traditional methods as opposed to the mRNA technology platform that was used for both Moderna and Pfizer's vaccines. World Health Organization experts can then recommend that the shots to be "pre-qualified" so they can be bought by donors for developing countries. That means approval for the 27-nation bloc is likely still a way off.

In addition to the Serum Institute, AstraZeneca has deals with vaccine makers in Brazil, South Africa and China.

Earlier on Wednesday, AstraZeneca said it had submitted full data to pursue conditional marketing authorisation from the EMA, but the regulator said it still needs more information for approval. "But we can't be sure, so we're going to test that", he told the Sunday Times.