The war between Facebook and Apple is raging ... because "you"


Facebook employees are not happy with their company's barrage of public attacks over Apple's new privacy measures.

While portrayed the campaign as a supportive effort of family-run businesses, some call the movement a self-serving act that straddles the line of hypocrisy, according to internal comments and audio of a presentation to workers obtained by BuzzFeed News. Facebook recently published a full-page ad in prestigious newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and New York Times to criticise Apple for its iOS 14 provisions, and stated that Cupertino's policies would hurt small businesses which rely on Facebook's targeted ads feature to gain visibility.

"This is a laughable attempt from Facebook to distract you from its poor track record of anti-competitive behavior and privacy issues as it tries to derail pro-privacy changes from Apple that are bad for Facebook's business", EFF said. While Facebook is one of the companies most well-known for tracking users even when they're not using Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp (which is already a slew of potential information), they didn't berate Apple in their own name.

Apple originally announced this feature at WWDC 2020 and meant to release it in the initial release of iOS 14 in September. Instead, they will most likely remain on a researcher's desk being bombarded with attempts to hack the security and earn both the kudos and cash that comes with each discovery.

Apple has initiated the roll-out of the anti-tracking message for newly installed/opened apps on iOS 14.

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Several iOS 14.3 users are now reporting seeing a pop up that informs them about trackers deployed on specific sites they visit or apps they use and asks them to decide to allow the persistence of the tracking or to ask not to be tracked.

Facebook, for now, tracks users between apps. App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14 does not require Facebook to change its approach to tracking users and creating targeted advertising, it simply requires they give users a choice. Amid the ongoing virtual battle, it was reported that Facebook removed Apple's verification badge on its platform.

"It feels like we are trying to justify doing a bad thing by hiding behind people with a sympathetic message", one Facebook engineer wrote. "People want 'privacy. FB objecting here will be viewed with cynicism". We are, you know, a profitable, big company and we're going to get through this and adapt our products and so forth. Furthermore, Apple says they value collaborations with independent researchers and the work they do.

We're not going to... be the only ones that should be allowed to track people without their consent - any company can do that, even smaller startups and malicious actors.