National Basketball Association investigating allegations against Jerry West, LA Clippers involving Kawhi Leonard recruitment


According to reports, the National Basketball Association is investigating the Los Angeles Clippers amid a TMZ Sports story outlining Johnny Wilkes's $2.5 million lawsuit against Jerry West, alleging he wasn't compensated for helping push Kawhi Leonard toward signing with the Clippers.

"No, not at all", said Leonard. "And out here, people try to find any way to get some money".

Wilkes told TMZ he received a voicemail from West in July of 2019 in which the Hall of Famer claims Leonard would not be a good fit for the crosstown rival Lakers, and then some.

TMZ reports, "Wilkes says in the lawsuit he "immediately went to work". and began convincing Kawhi and Kawhi's uncle the Clippers were the right team for him after he had just left the Toronto Raptors".

"Hey there, this is Jerry calling".

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Among various claims in the lawsuit, Wilkes said he was vital to the Clippers landing Leonard and advised the team to trade for Paul George to entice him.

The Clippers released a statement earlier Thursday.

Leonard denied that any misconduct took place.

Amick says the National Basketball Association has been watching the Clippers closely since they investigated the team over allegations of improper benefits being given to Leonard in their wooing of him during the 2019 free-agency process. "I know a lot of people out here". "They are providing the National Basketball Association with evidence that the allegations are false". The league constitution "prohibits indirect communications, such as those made through intermediaries", per ESPN. The Clippers begin their 2020-21 campaign on Tuesday.