Moderna to Reveal the Price of Coronavirus Vaccine


Pfizer Inc and BioNTech could secure emergency USA and European authorization for their COVID-19 vaccine next month after final trial results showed it had a 95% success rate and no serious side effects, the drugmakers said on Wednesday.

The better-than-expected results from the two vaccines, both developed with new messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, have raised hopes for an end to a pandemic that has killed more than 1.3 million people and wreaked havoc upon economies and daily life.

The EU has been in talks with Moderna for its experimental COVID-19 vaccine at least since July.

To grant approval, the health minister must find that the benefits of a new drug or vaccine outweigh its risks, while considering "the urgent public health need caused by COVID-19", according to regulatory documents.

Moderna's interim analysis was based on 95 infections among trial participants who received the vaccine or a placebo. Of those, only five infections occurred in those who received the vaccine, which is administered in two shots 28 days apart.

"TMA's goal is to bring as many coronavirus vaccine trials to our community until an FDA-approved vaccine is widely available to the Wilmington community and surrounding areas", he said in the release. He urged Americans not to let their guard down and to continue washing hands and being vigilant about social distancing.

Canada could approve one or more COVID-19 vaccines early in the first quarter of 2021, under a new, accelerated process similar to the USA emergency use authorization, according to Health Canada, the country's drug regulator.

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The company's shares, which have more than quadrupled this year, jumped 8%, while European and US stocks rose.

Pfizer said the efficacy of the vaccine was consistent across different age and ethnic groups, a sign that the immunization could be employed broadly around the world.

The T-cell response - another measure of how well the immune system responds - peaked two weeks after the first dose of the vaccine, regardless of age.

Compared to Pfizer, Afeyan said that Moderna's innovations enable it to "keep the vaccine under refrigeration conditions for up to 30 days", enabling broad distribution. On Monday, researchers claimed the new vaccine prevented 70% of people from developing the virus. It can, however, be kept in normal refrigeration for up to five days, or up to 15 days in a thermal shipping box.

Pollard's comments came after data published on Thursday showed the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine in Phase II studies produced a strong immune response in older adults.

"Translating pharma lingo: the announced price of Pfizer of $19.50 and Moderna of $25-$37 per dose actually means their price of $39 and $50-$74 per person".

"Assuming we get an emergency use authorization, we'll be ready to ship through Warp Speed nearly in hours", Hoge said.