Mike Tyson Will Fight Again: 'I'll Be Better In The Next One'


Tyson and Jones Jr worn out quickly as the fight continued into the later rounds, but when the dust settled on the eight-round fight it was clear that Tyson had dominated. While the excitement present throughout Tyson's return, he and Jones Jr ultimately fought to a draw.

Tyson is a WWE Hall of Famer and recently appeared on AEW Dynamite. Body shots definitely took a toll.

"I smoke every day", Mike Tyson said after his high profile exhibition bout with Roy Jones on Saturday night". [Jones] stopped fighting two years ago, and everybody's anxious about his ass.

The gloves worn by Jones during the exhibition caught the attention of many.

When asked if he'd be interested in a rematch, it seemed as though Jones Jr is not interested.

Since the prime of his boxing days, Mike Tyson has eased into becoming a pop culture icon with appearances in hit films and animated series.

"Listen, I can't stop smoking", Tyson said, via USA Today. Many watching felt that Tyson had done enough to get his hand raised, but ultimately it was judged to be a draw.

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Jones, whose last fight was two years ago, now holds a record of 66 wins and nine defeats.

Despite these rules being in place, fans can expect an entertaining fight from two of the most legendary names in boxing history.

Jones was less committed to fighting again, stating simply that it was "hard to say".

"I'm happy to scratch this off my bucket list", Jones said.

Tyson and Jones were the headliners in the most improbable pay-per-view boxing event in years, engineered by social networking app Triller and featuring fights interspersed with hip hop performances in an empty arena.

"I'm good with that", Tyson said, admitting he thought he had won the fight. Jones said he was ready to die inside that ring. "We're humanitarians and we're helping people".

The lightness provided by Snoop's commentary carried over into the post-fight interviews with Jones and Tyson, with the once feared fighters joking with each other while they basked in the bright lights of the sport's biggest stage decades after being two of the biggest stars of their era.